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2016Prevalence of clinical signs of intra-articular temporomandibular disorders in children and adolescents: a systematic review and meta-analysisDa Silva, C.; Pachêco-Pereira, C.; Porporatti, A.; Savi, M.; Peres, M.; Flores-Mir, C.; De Luca Canto, G.
2012Proteomic characterization of mesenchymal stem cell-like populations derived from various tissue typesMrozik, K.; Xiong, J.; Zilm, P.; Gronthos, S.; Bartold, P.
2012Extracellular deoxyribonuclease production by periodontal bacteriaPalmer, L.; Chapple, I.; Wright, H.; Roberts, A.; Cooper, P.
2016Effectiveness of photodynamic therapy and sodium hypochlorite on root canal system infected with Enterococcus faecalis - an in vitro studySouza, M.; Steier, L.; Rossi-Fedele, G.; Junior, V.; de Oliveira, S.; de Figueiredo, J.
2000Effects of twin-block therapy on protrusive muscle functionsChintakanon, K.; Turker, K.; Sampson, W.; Wilkinson, T.; Townsend, G.
2018Extensive phenotyping of the orofacial and dental complex in Crouzon syndromeKhominsky, A.; Yong, R.; Ranjitkar, S.; Townsend, G.; Anderson, P.
2018Extractions to reconstruction: the development of oral & maxillofacial surgery in Australian and New ZealandGoss, A.; Linn, R.
2014Clinical importance of incidental findings reported on small-volume dental cone beam computed tomography scans focused on impacted maxillary canine teethDoğramacı, E.; Rossi-Fedele, G.; McDonald, F.
2010Age and the cost of dental careAustralian Institute of Health and Welfare; Harford, J.E.; Australian Institute of Health and Welfare
2016Does optimal access to dental care counteract the oral health-related quality of life social gradient?Crocombe, L.; Mahoney, G.