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1995Intraoral zygomatic osteotomy for correction of malar deficiencyJones, Robert Hillary Boucaut; Ching, Martin
1997Distribution and coexistence of neuropeptides in nerve fibres in the temporomandibular joint of late gestation fetal sheepTahmasebi-Sarvestani, Abdolghafar; Tedman, R.; Goss, Alastair Norman
1996Forensic implications of the variation in morphology of marginal serrations on the teeth of the Great White SharkNambiar, P.; Brown, Kenneth Aylesbury; Bridges, Trevor Edwin
1999Hyperbaric oxygen in the prevention of osteoradionecrosis of the jawsVudiniabola, A.; Pirone, C.; Williamson, J.; Goss, Alastair Norman
1995A bitemark and a fracture?Free, E. W.; Brown, Kenneth Aylesbury
1996The short-term effect of discectomy on the osteoarthrotic temporomandibular joint in sheep.Ogi, Nobumi; Kurita, Kenichi; Handa, Yujiro; Goss, Alastair Norman
1997Short-term effect of fresh disk allograph on the osteoarthrotic sheep temporomandibular jointOgi, Nobumi; Kurita, Kenichi; Handa, Yujiro; Goss, Alastair Norman
1998Correlation between preoperative mouth opening and surgical outcome after arthroscopic lysis and lavage in patients with disc displacement without reductionKurita, Kenichi; Goss, Alastair Norman; Ogi, Nobumi; Toyama, M.
1998Expression of transforming growth factor-beta 1 (TGF-β1) in the developing periodontium of ratsGao, J.; Symons, A.; Bartold, P.
1997Application of the Furier method in genetic studies of Dentofacial MorphologyRichards, L.; Townsend, G.; Kasai, K.