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2010Trends in dental caries in 12- and 13-year-old schoolchildren from Florianópolis between 1971 and 2009Constante, H.; Bastos, J.; De Anselmo Peres, M.
2013Physical activity indicators in adults from a state capital in the South of Brazil: A comparison between telephone and face-to-face surveysDel Duca, G.; Nahas, M.; Silva, D.; Hallal, P.; Malta, D.; De Anselmo Peres, M.
2007Associations between ethnicity and child health factors in New ZealandJamieson, L.; Koopu, P.
2019Characterisation of brain volume and microstructure at term-equivalent age in infants born across the gestational age spectrumThompson, D.K.; Kelly, C.E.; Chen, J.; Beare, R.; Alexander, B.; Seal, M.L.; Lee, K.J.; Matthews, L.G.; Anderson, P.J.; Doyle, L.W.; Cheong, J.L.; Spittle, A.J.
2019Desikan-Killiany-Tourville atlas compatible version of M-CRIB neonatal parcellated whole brain atlas: the M-CRIB 2.0Alexander, B.; Loh, W.Y.; Matthews, L.G.; Murray, A.L.; Adamson, C.; Beare, R.; Chen, J.; Kelly, C.E.; Anderson, P.J.; Doyle, L.W.; Spittle, A.J.; Cheong, J.L.; Seal, M.L.; Thompson, D.K.
2016Neonatal brain tissue classification with morphological adaptation and unified segmentationBeare, R.J.; Chen, J.; Kelly, C.E.; Alexopoulos, D.; Smyser, C.D.; Rogers, C.E.; Loh, W.Y.; Matthews, L.G.; Cheong, J.L.; Spittle, A.J.; Anderson, P.J.; Doyle, L.W.; Inder, T.E.; Seal, M.L.; Thompson, D.K.
2019Genome-wide association study of an unusual dolphin mortality event reveals candidate genes for susceptibility and resistance to cetacean morbillivirusBatley, K.; Sandoval-Castillo, J.; Kemper, C.; Attard, C.; Zanardo, N.; Tomo, I.; Beheregaray, L.; Möller, L.
2014Utilisation of oral health services provided by non-dental health practitioners in developed countries: a review of the literatureBarnett, T.; Hoang, H.; Stuart, J.; Crocombe, L.; Bell, E.
2010Associations between Indigenous Australian oral health literacy and self-reported oral health outcomesParker, E.; Jamieson, L.
2001Lip cancer in South Australia, 1977-1996Moore, S.; Allister, J.; Roder, D.; Pierce, A.; Wilson, D.