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1996The use of allozyme electrophoresis to assess genetic heterogeneity among previously subspeciated isolates of Fusobacterium nucleatumMorris, M.; Andrews, R.; Rogers, A.
1995The influence of intracellular polyglucose and prior growth rate on the survival of Fusobacterium nucleatum under starvation conditionsRogers, A.; Zilm, P.
2000Amino acid residue consumption by Porphyromonas gingivalis growing (in continuous culture) in media containing albumin or haemoglobinRogers, A.; Zilm, P.; International Association for Dental Research (ANZ Div) (27 Sep 1999 : Adelaide, Australia)
2015Diagnosis of Helicobacter pylori by carbon-13 urea breath test using a portable mass spectrometerSreekumar, J.; France, N.; Taylor, S.; Matthews, T.; Turner, P.; Bliss, P.; Brook, A.; Watson, A.
2000Oral health and access to dental care to young South Australian adults: research report, August 2000Spencer, Andrew John; Roberts-Thomson, Kaye Frances; Brennan, David Simon; Jones, Kelly; Armfield, Jason Mathew; Carter, Knute Derek; Chalmers, Jane Margaret; Luzzi, Liana; Stewart, Judith Frances; Teusner, Dana Nicole
2000Endothelin-1 expression in normal and continuously loaded rat PDL microvasculatureSims, Milton Reginald
2015Teething and sleep difficulties: findings from the Longitudinal Study of Indigenous ChildrenAmarasena, N.; Lalloo, R.
2015Dental abrasion of incisor caused by a babies' dummy clip: a case reportDogramaci, E.; Rossi-Fedele, G.
2001Costochondral grafts in reconstruction of the temporomandibular joint after condylectomy: an experimental study in sheepMatsuura, H.; Miyamoto, H.; Ishimaru, J.; Kurita, K.; Goss, A.
2007A sheep model of intracapsular condylar fractureLong, X.; Goss, A.