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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1996Dental Practitioner Statistics, Australia, 1993Dental Statistics and Research Unit, (F S P Szuster)
1996Reverse smoking and palatal mucosal changes in Filipino women. Epidemiological featuresOrtiz, G M.; Wilson, David Francis; Jiang, De-Jun
1996Oral conditions and their social impact among HIV dental patientsCoates, Elizabeth Ann; Slade, Gary Douglas; Goss, Alastair Norman; Gorkic, Edward
1996Correlations between anatomic and MRI sections of human cadaver temporomandibular joints in the coronal and sagittal planesCrowley, Caroline Mary Helen; Wilkinson, Thomas Maynard; Piehslingher, E.; Wilson, David Francis; Czerny, C.
1996Neural structures within the sheep temporomandibular jointTahmasebi-Sarvestani, Abdolghafar; Tedman, Raymond A.; Goss, Alastair Norman
1996Factors influencing nurses' aides' provision of oral care for nursing facility residentsChalmers, Jane Margaret; Levy, Steven M.; Buckwalter, Kathleen C.; Ettinger, Ronald L.; Kambhu, Peter P.
1996Forensic implications of the variation in morphology of marginal serrations on the teeth of the Great White SharkNambiar, P.; Brown, Kenneth Aylesbury; Bridges, Trevor Edwin
1996The short-term effect of discectomy on the osteoarthrotic temporomandibular joint in sheep.Ogi, Nobumi; Kurita, Kenichi; Handa, Yujiro; Goss, Alastair Norman
1996Biomedical analysis of temporomandibular joint synovial fluid literature review and experimental animal modelsMiyamoto, K.; Ishimaru, J.I.; Goss, A.; Goto, T.
1996Geographic location and the provision of dental services in AustraliaBrennan, D.