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Collection's Items (Sorted by Issue Date in Descending order): 41 to 60 of 2046
PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018The effect of decellularized tissue engineered constructs on periodontal regenerationFarag, A.; Hashimi, S.; Vaquette, C.; Bartold, P.; Hutmacher, D.; Ivanovski, S.
2018Components of responsibility in estimating relative value units: How do dentists value their work?Brennan, D.; Ju, X.; Teusner, D.
2018Hours worked and patient visits provided by dentists in AustraliaBrennan, D.; Chrisopoulos, S.; Teusner, D.
2018Gingival tissue, an extrasynovial source of malondialdehyde-acetaldehyde adducts, citrullinated and carbamylated proteinsBright, R.; Thiele, G.; Manavis, J.; Mikuls, T.; Payne, J.; Bartold, P.
2018Associations between the Drug Burden Index, potentially inappropriate medications and quality of life in residential aged careHarrison, S.; Kouladjian O Donnell, L.; Bradley, C.; Milte, R.; Dyer, S.; Gnanamanickam, E.; Liu, E.; Hilmer, S.; Crotty, M.
2018Tissue engineered constructs for periodontal regeneration: current status and future perspectivesVaquette, C.; Pilipchuk, S.; Bartold, P.; Hutmacher, D.; Giannobile, W.; Ivanovski, S.
2018Compromised inflammatory cytokine response to P. gingivalis LPS by fibroblasts from inflamed human gingivaFitzsimmons, T.; Ge, S.; Bartold, P.
2018Commonality of risk factors for mothers' poor oral health and general health: baseline analysis of a population-based birth cohort studyHa, D.; Spencer, A.; Thomson, W.; Scott, J.; Do, L.
2018Critical review of the validity of patient satisfaction questionnaires pertaining to oral health careNair, R.; Ishaque, S.; Spencer, A.; Luzzi, L.; Do, L.
2018Duration of breastfeeding, but not timing of solid food, reduces the risk of overweight and obesity in children aged 24 to 36 months: findings from an Australian Cohort StudyBell, S.; Yew, S.; Devenish, G.; Ha, D.; Do, L.; Scott, J.
2018Contemporary evidence on the effectiveness of water fluoridation in the prevention of childhood cariesSpencer, A.; Do, L.; Ha, D.
2018Childhood socioeconomic conditions and teeth in older adulthood: evidence from SHARE wave 5Listl, S.; Broadbent, J.; Thomson, W.; Stock, C.; Shen, J.; Steele, J.; Wildman, J.; Heilmann, A.; Watt, R.; Tsakos, G.; Peres, M.; van der Heijden, G.; J├╝rges, H.
2018Relative validity of a 24-h recall in assessing intake of key nutrients in a cohort of Australian toddlersBeaton, E.; Wright, J.; Devenish, G.; Do, L.; Scott, J.
2018White matter microstructure is associated with language in children born very pretermMurner-Lavanchy, I.M.; Kelly, C.E.; Reidy, N.; Doyle, L.W.; Lee, K.J.; Inder, T.; Thompson, D.K.; Morgan, A.T.; Anderson, P.J.
2018The Adelaide Dental School 1917 To 2017Rogers, J.; Townsend, G.; Brown, T.
2018Extensive phenotyping of the orofacial and dental complex in Crouzon syndromeKhominsky, A.; Yong, R.; Ranjitkar, S.; Townsend, G.; Anderson, P.
2018Accuracy of milled titanium frameworks constructed with splinted impression and direct scanning techniquesDudley, J.; Badwal, A.
2018Breastfeeding and oral health: evidence and methodological challengesPeres, K.; Chaffee, B.; Feldens, C.; Flores-Mir, C.; Moynihan, P.; Rugg-Gunn, A.
2018Supragingival plaque microbiome ecology and functional potential in the context of health and diseaseEspinoza, J.; Harkins, D.; Torralba, M.; Gomez, A.; Highlander, S.; Jones, M.; Leong, P.; Saffery, R.; Bockmann, M.; Kuelbs, C.; Inman, J.; Hughes, T.; Craig, J.; Nelson, K.; Dupont, C.
2018Association between Extracellular Material and Biofilm Formation in Response to Sodium Hypochlorite by Clinical Isolates of Enterococcus faecalisYoo, A.; Rossi-Fedele, G.; Kidd, S.; Rogers, A.; Zilm, P.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Issue Date in Descending order): 41 to 60 of 2046