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2020Distributed H∞ estimation in sensor networks with two-channel stochastic attacksSong, H.; Shi, P.; Zhang, W.; Lim, C.; Yu, L.
2020Discrete-time fault tolerant control for semi-Markov jump systems with finite sojourn-timeZhang, Y.; Lim, C.; Liu, F.
2020Energy management of fuel cell hybrid vehicle based on partially observable Markov decision processShen, D.; Lim, C.; Shi, P.; Bujlo, P.
2020Nonfragile and nonsynchronous synthesis of reachable set for Bernoulli switched systemsChe, W.; Su, H.; Shi, P.; Wu, Z.
2020Set-membership estimation for complex networks subject to linear and nonlinear bounded attacksSong, H.; Shi, P.; Lim, C.; Zhang, W.; Yu, L.
2020Tunable localized surface plasmon graphene metasurface for multiband superabsorption and terahertz sensingIslam, M.; Sultana, J.; Biabanifard, M.; Vafapour, Z.; Nine, M.; Dinovitser, A.; Cordeiro, C.; Ng, B.-.H.; Abbott, D.
2020Ultra-wideband far-infrared absorber based on anisotropically etched doped siliconYou, X.; Upadhyay, A.; Cheng, Y.; Bhaskaran, M.; Sriram, S.; Fumeaux, C.; Withayachumnankul, W.
2020Ultra-wideband tri-layer transmissive linear polarization converter for terahertz wavesAko, R.; Lee, W.; Atakaramians, S.; Bhaskaran, M.; Sriram, S.; Withayachumnankul, W.
2020Deep HDR imaging via A non-local networkYan, Q.; Zhang, L.; Liu, Y.; Zhu, Y.; Sun, J.; Shi, Q.; Zhang, Y.
2020Input-to-state stability for nonlinear systems with stochastic impulsesTang, Y.; Wu, X.; Shi, P.; Qian, F.
2020Convergence properties of surface conductivity characterization method for thin conductive stripsShahpari, M.; Fumeaux, C.; Thiel, D.; Australian Microwave Symposium (AMS) (13 Feb 2020 - 14 Feb 2020 : Sydney, Australia)
2019A fine-grained pipelined 2-D convolver for high-performance applicationsKalbasi, M.; Nikmehr, H.
2019Optimal linear filtering for networked control systems with time-correlated fading channelsLiu, W.; Shi, P.
2019Decentralized adaptive event-triggered H∞ filtering for a class of networked nonlinear interconnected systemsGu, Z.; Shi, P.; Yue, D.; Ding, Z.
2019Reliable filtering of nonlinear Markovian jump systems: the continuous-time caseWu, Z.; Dong, S.; Shi, P.; Su, H.; Huang, T.
2019Asynchronous control of continuous-time nonlinear Markov jump systems subject to strict dissipativityDong, S.; Wu, Z.; Su, H.; Shi, P.; Karimi, H.
2019H∞ control for 2-D Markov jump systems in Roesser modelWu, Z.; Shen, Y.; Shi, P.; Shu, Z.; Su, H.
2019Variable threshold-based selective updating algorithms in feed-forward active noise control systemsAslam, M.S.; Shi, P.; Lim, C.C.
2019Fault detection filtering for nonlinear switched systems via event-triggered communication approachLiu, X.; Su, X.; Shi, P.; Nguang, S.; Shen, C.
2019Design and stability of moving horizon estimator for Markov jump linear systemsSun, Q.; Lim, C.; Shi, P.; Liu, F.