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2004A 1 GHz differential 2nd-order lowpass sigma delta modulator in CMOS for wireless receiversZhu, Y.; Al-Sarawi, S.; Liebelt, M.; Microelectronics, MEMS, and Nanotechnology (2003 : Perth, Australia)
20001/f, g-r and burst noise used as a screening threshold for reliability estimation of optoelectronic coupled devicesXu, J.; Abbott, D.; Dai, Y.
2006A 16 pixel yaw sensor for velocity estimationRajesh, S.; Abbott, D.; O'Carroll, D.; Microelectronics, MEMS, and Nanotechnology (2005 : Brisbane, Australia)
2009A 2 GHz polypyrrole microstrip patch antenna on plexiglas ™ substrateVerma, A.; Fumeaux, C.; Truong, V.; Bates, B.; Asia-Pacific Microwave Conference (2009 : Singapore)
20072-D wavelet segmentation in 3-D T-ray tomographyYin, X.; Ng, B.; Ferguson, B.; Mickan, S.; Abbott, D.
20002-stage RC ladder: solution of a noise paradoxWeiss, L.; Abbott, D.; Davis, B.; International Conference on Unsolved Problems of Noise and Fluctuations (2nd : 1999 : Adelaide, Australia)
20112011 Index IEEE Antennas and Wireless Propagation Letters, vol. 10Abbott, D.
20042D scanning Rotman lens structure for smart collision avoidance sensorsHall, L.; Hansen, H.; Abbott, D.; Microelectronics, MEMS, and Nanotechnology (2003 : Perth, Australia)
20043-D broadband ground-based polarimetric SAR data processing for the monitoring of vegetation growth variationsZhou, Zheng-Shu; Hamasaki, Tadashi; Sato, Motoyuki; Boerner, Wolfgang-Martin; IEEE International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium (2004 : Anchorage, Alaska); IGARSS 2004
20153-D low earth orbit vector estimation of Faraday rotation and path delayLawrence, N.; Hansen, H.; Abbott, D.
20063-D monitoring of trees by polarimetric GB-SARZhou, Zheng-Shu; Boerner, Wolfgang-Martin; Sato, Motoyuki; European Conference on Synthetic Aperture Radar (6th : 2006 : Dresden, Germany); EUSAR 2006
20103-D system-on-system (SoS) biomedical-imaging architecture for health-care applicationsLee, S.; Kavehei, O.; Hong, Y.; Cho, T.; You, Y.; Cho, K.; Eshraghian, K.
20153D SAR beamforming under a foliage canopy from a single passPincus, P.; Preiss, M.; Gray, D.; 40th IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing (ICASSP 2015) (19 Apr 2015 - 24 Apr 2015 : South Brisbane)
2016A 5.8-GHz flexible microstrip-fed slot antenna realized in PEDOT:PSS conductive polymerChen, S.; Fumeaux, C.; Chivers, B.; Shepherd, R.; 2016 IEEE International Symposium on Antennas and Propagation (APSURSI 2016) (26 Jun 2016 - 01 Jul 2016 : Fajardo, Puerto Rico)
20175G terrestrial networks: mobility and coverage-solution in three dimensionsLawrence, N.; Ng, B.; Hansen, H.; Abbott, D.
20106 GHz microstrip patch antennas with PEDOT and polypyrrole conducting polymersVerma, A.; Weng, B.; Shepherd, R.; Fumeaux, C.; Truong, V.; Wallace, G.; Bates, B.; International Conference on Electromagnetics in Advanced Applications (2010 : Sydney, NSW)
201060 ghz aperture-coupled dielectric resonator antennas fed by a half-mode substrate integrated waveguideLai, Q.; Fumeaux, C.; Hong, W.; Vahldieck, R.
200560GHz radios: enabling next-generation wireless applicationsHowarth, J.; Lauterbach, A.; Boers, M.; Davis, L.; Parker, A.; Harrison, J.; Rathmell, J.; Batty, M.; Cowley, W.; Burnet, C.; Hall, L.; Abbott, D.; Weste, N.; TENCON (2005 : Melbourne, Australia)
2004802.11 wireless network extended service set modelSudarev, J.; White, L.; International Workshop on Wireless Ad-Hoc Networks (2004 : Oulu, Finland)
2003A-DELTA: A 64-bit high speed, compact, hybrid dynamic-CMOS/threshold-logic adderCelinski, P.; Cotofana, S.; Abbott, D.