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1995Investigation of congestion dynamics in CCS networks during STP processor overloadNorthcote, B.; Rumsewicz, M.; ICC '95: 1995 IEEE International Conference on Communications (18 Jun 1995 - 22 Jun 1995 : Seattle)
1995Error probability estimator structures based on analysis of the receiver decision variableDavis, Bruce R.; Scholz, Jason B.
1998Computation of aperture antenna mutual coupling using FDTD and Kirchhoff field transformationParfitt, Andrew James; Bird, T. S.
1996Technique for high speed asynchronours pipeline controlAppleton, Samuel Scott; Morton, Shannon V.; Liebelt, Michael J.
1995Electromagnetic design aspects of packages for monolithic microwave integrated circuit based arrays with integrated antenna elementsGriffin, D. W.; Parfitt, Andrew James
1998Simultaneous coordination of Power-System Stabilizers and FACTS device stabilizers in a multimachine power system for enhancing dynamic performancePourbeik, P.; Gibbard, Michael J.
1996Overlapping coverage control in sector cellsWatanabe, F.; Buot, T.; Iwama, T.; Mizuno, M.
1995A conventional power system stabiliser with an auxiliary self-tuning/fixed parameter controllerWen, C.; Gibbard, Michael J.
1997A tabular method for guard strengthening, symmetrization and operator reduction for Martin's asynchronous design methodologyTabrizi, N.; Liebelt, Michael J.; Eshraghian, Kamran
1996Gallium arsenide pseudo-dynamic latched logicLopez, J. F.; Eshraghian, Kamran; Sarmiento, R.; Nunez, A.