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2001Joint symbolic dynamics analysis of heart rate and systolic blood pressure interactions in dilated cardiomyopathyVoss, A.; Baumert, M.; IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society. Conference (23rd : 2001 : Istanbul, Turkey)
2004Measuring complexity in heart rate and blood pressure data using the compression entropyVoss, A.; Baumert, M.; Haueisen, J.; Mediterranean Conference on Medical and Biological Engineering (10th : 2004 : Ischia, Italy)
2012Effect of spontaneous arousals on cardio-respiratory interaction in healthy childrenKabir, M.; Kohler, M.; Abbott, D.; Baumert, M.; Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (34th : 2012 : San Diego)
2011Quantification of cardio-respiratory interactions in patients with mild obstructive sleep apnea syndrome using joint symbolic dynamicsKabir, M.; Dimitri, H.; Sanders, P.; Antic, R.; Abbott, D.; Baumert, M.; Computing in Cardiology (2011 : Hangzhou, China)
2006Changes in heart rate variability of athletes during a training campBaumert, M.; Brechtel, L.; Lock, J.; Voss, A.
2014Multiscale compression entropy of microvascular blood flow signals: comparison of results from laser speckle contrast and laser Doppler flowmetry data in healthy subjectsHumeau-Heurtier, A.; Baumert, M.; Mahé, G.; Abraham, P.
2013Respiratory sinus arrhythmia during sleep in children with upper airway obstructionKabir, M.; Kohler, M.; Pamula, Y.; Martin, A.; Kennedy, J.; Abbott, D.; Baumert, M.
2013Joint symbolic analyses of heart rate, blood pressure, and respiratory dynamicsBaumert, M.; Javorka, M.; Kabir, M.
2006Scaling graphs of heart rate time series in athletes demonstrating the VLF, LF and HF regionsBaumert, M.; Brechtel, L.; Lock, J.; Voss, A.; Abbott, D.
2006Heart rate variability, blood pressure variability, and baroreflex sensitivity in overtrained athletesBaumert, M.; Brechtel, L.; Lock, J.; Hermsdorf, M.; Wolff, R.; Baier, V.; Voss, A.