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2015QT variability improves risk stratification in patients with dilated cardiomyopathyFischer, C.; Seeck, A.; Schroeder, R.; Goernig, M.; Schirdewan, A.; Figulla, H.; Baumert, M.; Voss, A.
2017Adenotonsillectomy for childhood obstructive sleep apnoea reduces thoraco-abdominal asynchrony but spontaneous apnoea-hypopnoea index normalisation does notLiu, X.; Immanuel, S.; Pamula, Y.; Kennedy, D.; Martin, J.; Baumert, M.
2019Characterization of the asymmetry of the cardiac and sympathetic arms of the baroreflex from spontaneous variability during incremental head-up tiltDe Maria, B.; Bari, V.; Cairo, B.; Vaini, E.; Esler, M.; Lambert, E.; Baumert, M.; Cerutti, S.; Dalla Vecchia, L.; Porta, A.
2013Bipolar electrogram Shannon entropy at sites of rotational activation: implications for ablation of atrial fibrillationGanesan, A.; Kuklik, P.; Lau, D.; Brooks, A.; Baumert, M.; Lim, W.; Thanigaimani, S.; Nayyar, S.; Mahajan, N.; Kalman, J.; Roberts-Thomson, K.; Sanders, P.
2015Increased thoracoabdominal asynchrony during breathing periods free of discretely scored obstructive events in children with upper airway obstructionImmanuel, S.; Kohler, M.; Martin, A.; Kennedy, J.; Pamula, Y.; Kabir, M.; Saint, D.; Baumert, M.
2015Effect of respiration on heartbeat-evoked potentials during sleep in children with sleep-disordered breathingBaumert, M.; Pamula, Y.; Kohler, M.; Martin, J.; Kennedy, D.; Nalivaiko, E.; Immanuel, S.
2017Altered nocturnal cardiovascular control in children with sleep-disordered breathingEl-Hamad, F.; Immanuel, S.; Liu, X.; Pamula, Y.; Kontos, A.; Martin, J.; Kennedy, D.; Kohler, M.; Porta, A.; Baumert, M.
2013Respiratory sinus arrhythmia during sleep in children with upper airway obstructionKabir, M.; Kohler, M.; Pamula, Y.; Martin, A.; Kennedy, J.; Abbott, D.; Baumert, M.
2014Movement distribution: a new measure of sleep fragmentation in children with upper airway obstructionCoussens, S.; Baumert, M.; Kohler, M.; Martin, J.; Kennedy, D.; Lushington, K.; Saint, D.; Pamula, Y.
2015Delayed brachial artery dilation response and increased resting blood flow velocity in young children with mild sleep-disordered breathingKontos, A.; van den Heuvel, C.; Pamula, Y.; Martin, J.; Lushington, K.; Baumert, M.; Willoughby, S.; Gent, R.; Couper, J.; Kennedy, D.