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2018Dielectric-resonator metasurfaces for broadband terahertz quarter- and half-wave mirrorsLee, W.; Ako, R.; Xian Low, M.; Bhaskaran, M.; Sriram, S.; Fumeaux, C.; Withayachumnankul, W.
2018Tutorial: Terahertz beamforming, from concepts to realizationsHeadland, D.; Monnai, Y.; Abbott, D.; Fumeaux, C.; Withayachumnankul, W.
2012Metamaterial-inspired microfluidic-based sensor for chemical discriminationJaruwongrungsee, K.; Withayachumnankul, W.; Wisitsoraat, A.; Abbott, D.; Fumeaux, C.; Tuantranont, A.; IEEE Sensors (2012 : Taipei, Taiwan)
2014Bandpass filters based on coupled split ring resonators for surface waves on planar Goubau linesHorestani, A.; Withayachumnankul, W.; Chahadih, A.; Ghaddar, A.; Zehar, M.; Abbott, D.; Akalin, T.; Fumeaux, C.; International Workshop on Antenna Technology: Small Antennas, Novel EM Structures and Materials, and Applications (iWAT) (04 Mar 2014 - 06 Mar 2014 : Sydney, NSW)
2013Tunable electric-LC resonators using liquid crystalYaghmaee, P.; Withayachumnankul, W.; Karami Horestani, A.; Ebrahimi, A.; Bates, B.; Fumeaux, C.; IEEE Antennas and Propagation Society International Symposium (2013 : Orlando, Florida)
2012Near-field interactions in electric inductive-capacitive resonators for metamaterialsWithayachumnankul, W.; Fumeaux, C.; Abbott, D.
2018Metallic and dielectric resonators in broadband half-wave mirrors for terahertz frequenciesLee, W.; Bhaskaran, M.; Sriram, S.; Fumeaux, C.; Withayachumnankul, W.; 3rd Australian Microwave Symposium (AMS 2018) (06 Feb 2018 - 07 Feb 2018 : Brisbane, AUSTRALIA)
2013Comparison between an optical dielectric resonator nano-antenna reflectarray and an equivalent dielectric grating reflectorZou, L.; Withayachumnankul, W.; Fumeaux, C.; Shah, C.; Mitchell, A.; Bhaskaran, M.; Sriram, S.; IEEE Antennas and Propagation Society International Symposium (2013 : Orlando, Florida)
2014Efficiency and scalability of dielectric resonator antennas at optical frequenciesZou, L.; Withayachumnankul, W.; Shah, C.; Mitchell, A.; Klemm, M.; Bhaskaran, M.; Sriram, S.; Fumeaux, C.
2012Concept of plasmonic waveguide inspired by half-mode substrate-integrated waveguideBaumann, D.; Fumeaux, C.; Withayachumnankul, W.; Vahldieck, R.; IEEE MTT-S International Microwave Symposium (2012 : Montreal, QC, Canada)