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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1998Performance analysis of GPRS radio interfaceBuot, T. V.; Cieslinski, T.
1998Multiple Tag Reading SystemCole, Peter Harold; Phillips Ormonde and Fitzpatrick; Integrated Silicon Design Pty Ltd
1999Analysis of system trade-offs for terahertz imagingMickan, S.; Abbott, D.; Munch, J.; Zhang, X.C.; van Doorn, T.; SPIE Conference on Electronics and Structures for MEMS (27 Oct 1999 - 29 Oct 1999 : Gold Coast, Queensland)
1999Deconvolution method for two-dimensional spatial-response mapping of lithographic infrared antennasAlda, J.; Fumeaux, C.; Codreanu, I.; Schaefer, J.; Boreman, G.
1998Nanometer thin-film Ni-NiO-Ni diodes for detection and mixing of 30 THz radiationFumeaux, C.; Herrmann, W.; Kneubuhl, F.K.; Rothuizen, H.
1995Investigation of congestion dynamics in CCS networks during STP processor overloadNorthcote, B.; Rumsewicz, M.; ICC '95: 1995 IEEE International Conference on Communications (18 Jun 1995 - 22 Jun 1995 : Seattle)
1994Performance of token ring protocols for real-time message transmissionYAO, L.J.; ZHAO, W.; LIM, C.C.; Global Telecommunications Conference, 1994 (28 Nov 1994 - 02 Dec 1994 : San Francisco, CA)
1995An enhanced neural adaptive control scheme for discrete-time non-affine nonlinear systemsMazumdar, S.K.; Lim, C.C.
1995Overload management by imprecise computationZhao, W.; Lim, C.C.; Liu, J.W.S.; Alexander, P.D.
1996Design and implementation of a GaAs systolic floating-point processing elementBeaumont-Smith, A.; Marwood, W.; Lim, C.C.; Eshraghian, K.