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2016A compact MIMO antenna system for WLAN with enhanced isolationLi, J.; You, X.; Ge, J.; Li, P.; Chen, J.
2015A novel approach to fault detection for fuzzy stochastic systems with nonhomogeneous processesYin, Y.; Shi, P.; Liu, F.; Teo, K.
2018Two-stream 3-D convNet Fusion for action recognition in videos with arbitrary size and lengthWang, X.; Gao, L.; Wang, P.; Sun, X.; Liu, X.
2017Computational medical imaging and hemodynamics framework for functional analysis and assessment of cardiovascular structuresWong, K.; Wang, D.; Ko, J.; Mazumdar, J.; Le, T.; Ghista, D.
2015Small-signal stability, control and dynamic performance of power systemsGibbard, M.; Pourbeik, P.; Vowles, D.
2013A polarimetric line-of-sight channel model for MIMO satellite communicationsLawrence, N.; Davis, L.; Haley, D.; Australian Communications Theory Workshop (AusCTW 2013) (29 Jan 2013 - 01 Feb 2013 : Adelaide, South Australia)
2014A cross-layer defense mechanism against GPS spoofing attacks on PMUs in smart gridsFan, Y.; Zhang, Z.; Trinkle, M.; Dimitrovski, A.; Song, J.; Li, H.
2015DTM simulation of peristaltic viscoelastic biofluid flow in asymmetric porous media: a digestive transport modelTripathi, D.; Bég, O.; Gupta, P.; Radhakrishnamacharya, G.; Mazumdar, J.
2015New developments in sliding mode control and its applications 2014Wu, L.; Yang, R.; Sun, G.; Zhao, X.; Shi, P.
2014Numerical study on a three-dimensional broadband isotropic left-handed metamaterial based on closed ringsFang, F.; Cheng, Y.; Liao, H.