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2009Conditions for effective detection and identification of primary quantisation of re-quantized JPEG imagesSorell, M.
2019Repolarization variability independent of heart rate during sympathetic activation elicited by head-up tiltEl-hamad, F.; Javorka, M.; Czippelova, B.; Krohova, J.; Turianikova, Z.; Porta, A.; Baumert, M.
2000The paradox of Parrondo's gamesHarmer, G.; Abbott, D.; Taylor, P.
2011Theory of stochastic dissipative systemsWu, Z.; Cui, M.; Xie, X.; Shi, P.
2006Investigation of a low-cost grid-connected inverter for small-scale wind turbines based on a constant-current source PM generatorWhaley, D.; Ertasgin, G.; Soong, W.; Ertugrul, N.; Darbyshire, J.; Dehbonei, H.; Nayar, C.; Annual Conference on IEEE Industrial Electronics (32nd : 2006 : Paris, France)
2013Exponential stability analysis of Markovian jump nonlinear systems with mixed time delays and partially known transition probabilitiesKarimi, H.; Wang, B.; Shi, P.; International Conference on Information, Communication and Automation Technologies (24th : 2013 : Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina)
2013Fuzzy dynamic sliding mode control design for high order disturbed systemsKarimi, H.; Wang, B.; Shi, P.; International Conference on Fuzzy Theory and Its Applications (2013 : Taipei, Taiwan)
2013H∞ controller design for the synchronization of a hyper-chaotic systemKarimi, H.; Shi, P.; Wang, B.; Asian Control Conference (9th : 2013 : Istanbul, Turkey)
2019Necessary conditions of exponential stability for a class of linear neutral-type time-delay systemsZhang, X.; Zhao, N.; Shi, P.
2013Aircraft detection experimental results for GPS bistatic radar using phased-array receiverPui, C.; Trinkle, M.; Ng, B.; International Global Navigation Satellite Systems Symposium (2013 : Surfers Paradise, Australia)