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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Joint symbolic dynamics for the assessment of cardiovascular and cardiorespiratory interactionsBaumert, M.; Javorka, M.; Kabir, M.
2015VV' alternans triplets on near-field ICD intracardiac electrogram is associated with mortalityBaumert, M.; Kabir, M.; Dalouk, K.; Henrikson, C.; Tereshchenko, L.
2018Iterative two-dimensional signal warping-towards a generalized approach for adaption of one-dimensional signalsSchmidt, M.; Baumert, M.; Malberg, H.; Zaunseder, S.
2016Measurement of T wave variability in body surface ECGBaumert, M.
2005Estimating the complexity of heart rate fluctuations - an approach based on compression entropyBaumert, M.; Baier, V.; Voss, A.; Brechtel, L.; Haueisen, J.
2005Long-term correlations and fractal dimension of beat-to-beat blood pressure dynamicsBaumert, M.; Baier, V.; Voss, A.
2001Joint symbolic dynamics analysis of heart rate and systolic blood pressure interactions in dilated cardiomyopathyVoss, A.; Baumert, M.; IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society. Conference (23rd : 2001 : Istanbul, Turkey)
2004Measuring complexity in heart rate and blood pressure data using the compression entropyVoss, A.; Baumert, M.; Haueisen, J.; Mediterranean Conference on Medical and Biological Engineering (10th : 2004 : Ischia, Italy)
2012Effect of postural changes on cardiorespiratory coordination in humansKabir, M.; Saint, D.; Abbott, D.; Baumert, M.
2008Activation of 5-HT1A receptors attenuates tachycardia induced by restraint stress in ratsNgampramuan, S.; Baumert, M.; Beig, M.; Kotchabhakdi, N.; Nalivaiko, E.