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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Multiscale entropy and detrended fluctuation analysis of QT interval and heart rate variability during normal pregnancyBaumert, M.; Javorka, M.; Seeck, A.; Faber, R.; Sanders, P.; Voss, A.
2011Advanced Poincare plot analysis differentiates between hypertensive pregnancy disordersSeeck, A.; Baumert, M.; Fischer, C.; Khandoker, A.; Faber, R.; Voss, A.
2005Longitudinal analysis of heart rate variability in chronic hypertensive pregnancyWalther, T.; Wessel, N.; Baumert, M.; Stepan, H.; Voss, A.; Faber, R.
2004Baroreflex sensitivity, heart rate and blood pressure variability in hypertensive pregnancy disordersFaber, R.; Baumert, M.; Stepan, H.; Wessel, N.; Voss, A.; Walther, T.
2014Cardiovascular variability before and after delivery: recovery from arterial stiffness in women with preeclampsia 4 days post partumWalther, T.; Voss, A.; Baumert, M.; Truebner, S.; Till, H.; Stepan, H.; Wessel, N.; Faber, R.
2002Joint symbolic dynamic analysis of beat-to-beat interactions of heart rate and systolic blood pressure in normal pregnancyBaumert, M.; Walther, T.; Hopfe, J.; Stepan, R.; Faber, R.; Voss, A.
2004Analysis of blood pressure waveform: a new method for the classification of hypertensive pregnancy disorders.Faber, R.; Stepan, H.; Baumert, M.; Voss, A.; Walther, T.
2006Hidden Markov models based on symbolic dynamics for statistical modeling of cardiovascular control in hypertensive pregnancy disordersBaier, V.; Baumert, M.; Caminal, P.; Vallverdu, M.; Faber, R.; Voss, A.
2003Linear and nonhlinear interaction analyses of heart rate and blood pressure in pregnancy induced hypertensionVoss, A.; Baumert, M.; Baier, V.; Stepan, R.; Walther, T.; Faber, R.; IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society. Conference (25th : 2003 : Cancún, Mexico)
2004Changes of blood pressure and heart rate variability precede a grand mal seizure in a pregnant womanFaber, R.; Stepan, H.; Baumert, M.; Voss, A.; Walther, T.