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2009Sensing the hygroscopicity of polymer and copolymer materials using terahertz time-domain spectroscopyBalakrishnan, J.; Fischer, B.; Abbott, D.
2015Double-layered nitrocellulose membrane sample holding technique for THz and FIR spectroscopic measurementsPng, G.; Fischer, B.; Appadoo, D.; Plathe, R.; Abbott, D.
2008Uncertainty in terahertz time-domain spectroscopy measurementWithayachumnankul, W.; Fischer, B.; Lin, H.; Abbott, D.
2008Numerical removal of water-vapour effects from THz-TDS measurementsWithayachumnankul, W.; Fischer, B.; Abbott, D.
2007T-ray sensing and imagingWithayachumnankul, W.; Png, G.; Yin, X.; Atakaramians, S.; Jones, I.; Lin, H.; Ung, B.; Balakrishnan, J.; Ng, B.; Ferguson, B.; Mickan, S.; Fischer, B.; Abbott, D.
2010A systemized view of superluminal wave propagationWithayachumnankul, W.; Fischer, B.; Ferguson, B.; Davis, B.; Abbott, D.
2007Classification of lactose and mandelic acid THz spectra using subspace and wavelet-packet algorithmsYin, X.; Hadjiloucas, S.; Fischer, B.; Ng, B.; Paiva, H.; Galvao, R.; Walker, G.; Bowen, J.; Abbott, D.; Microelectronics: Design, Technology, and Packaging III (2007 : ACT, Australia)
2006Terahertz study of chiral and racemic crystalsFranz, M.; Fischer, B.; Abbott, D.; Helm, H.; International Conference on Infrared and Millimeter Waves (31st : 2006 : Shanghai, China)
2008Material thickness optimization for transmission-mode terahertz time-domain spectroscopyWithayachumnankul, W.; Fischer, B.; Abbott, D.
2007T-ray multilayer interference filterWithayachumnankul, W.; Fischer, B.; Mickan, S.; Abbott, D.; IRMMW-THz2007 (2007 : Cardiff, Wales)