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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1998Computation of aperture antenna mutual coupling using FDTD and Kirchhoff field transformationParfitt, Andrew James; Bird, T. S.
1998Simultaneous coordination of Power-System Stabilizers and FACTS device stabilizers in a multimachine power system for enhancing dynamic performancePourbeik, P.; Gibbard, Michael J.
1998Motion perception using analog VLSIYakovleff, Andre J. S.; Moini, Alireza
1998Performance analysis of GPRS radio interfaceBuot, T. V.; Cieslinski, T.
1998Multiple Tag Reading SystemCole, Peter Harold; Phillips Ormonde and Fitzpatrick; Integrated Silicon Design Pty Ltd
1998Nanometer thin-film Ni-NiO-Ni diodes for detection and mixing of 30 THz radiationFumeaux, C.; Herrmann, W.; Kneubuhl, F.K.; Rothuizen, H.
1998Tunable polarization response of a planar asymmetric-spiral infrared antennaBoreman, G.; Fumeaux, C.; Herrmann, W.; Kneubuhl, F.; Rothuizen, H.
1998Spatial response of infrared antennasFumeaux, C.; Boreman, G.D.; Herrmann, W.; Rothuizen, H.; Kneubuhl, F.K.; Infrared Detectors and Focal Plane Arrays V (14 Apr 1998 - 17 Apr 1998 : Orlando, Florida)
1998Nanometer thin-film Ni-NiO-Ni diodes for mixing 28 THz CO₂-laser emissions with difference frequencies up to 176 GHzFumeaux, C.; Herrmann, W.; Kneubuhl, F.K.; Rothuizen, H.; Lipphardt, B.; Weiss, C.O.
1998Positive-Definite Toeplitz Completion in DOA Estimation for Nonuniform Linear Antenna Arrays - Part I : Fully-Augmentable ArraysAbramovich, Y.; Gray, D.; Gorokhov, A.; Spencer, N.