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2015Fault detection, isolation, estimation, and accommodation of dynamic systemsZhang, K.; Shi, P.; Cocquempot, V.; Jiang, B.
2015Probabilistic multi-hypothesis tracker for multiple platform path planningCheung, B.; Davey, S.; Gray, D.
2016State estimation for invariant systems on Lie groups with delayed output measurementsKhosravian, A.; Trumpf, J.; Mahony, R.; Hamel, T.
2015Analysis and correction of maritime SAR signatures with the NRL MSARSletten, M.; Hwang, P.; Toporkov, J.; Menk, S.; Rosenberg, L.; Jansen, R.; IEEE International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium (IGARSS 2015) (26 Jul 2015 - 31 Jul 2015 : Milan, ITALY)
2014A research of eyes location algorithm based on expanded Haar features and fast Hough TransformationHuang, X.; Feng, Z.; Dong, X.; Zhang, F.; Shi, P.
2016Compact dual-element inverted-F MIMO antenna system with enhanced isolationYou, X.; Gao, H.; Zhou, L.; Zhao, H.
2015Observers for invariant systems on Lie groups with biased input measurements and homogeneous outputsKhosravian, A.; Trumpf, J.; Mahony, R.; Lageman, C.
2016A pilot study: can heart rate variability (HRV) be determined using short-term photoplethysmograms?Elgendi, M.; Norton, I.; Brearley, M.; Dokos, S.; Abbott, D.; Schuurmans, D.
2014Increasing capacity in ad-hoc networksHunjet, R.; Coyle, A.; 2014 Australasian Telecommunication Networks and Applications Conference (ATNAC 2014) (26 Nov 2014 - 28 Nov 2014 : Melbourne, Vic, Australia)
2015Condition monitoring of an induction motor stator windings via global optimization based on the hyperbolic cross pointsDuan, F.; Zivanovic, R.