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2014A cross-layer defense mechanism against GPS spoofing attacks on PMUs in smart gridsFan, Y.; Zhang, Z.; Trinkle, M.; Dimitrovski, A.; Song, J.; Li, H.
2014Numerical study on a three-dimensional broadband isotropic left-handed metamaterial based on closed ringsFang, F.; Cheng, Y.; Liao, H.
2014Adjustable low frequency and broadband metamaterial absorber based on magnetic rubber plate and cross resonatorCheng, Y.; Nie, Y.; Wang, X.; Gong, R.
2014A new thermographic NDT for condition monitoring of electrical components using ANN with confidence level analysisHuda, A.; Taib, S.; Ghazali, K.; Jadin, M.
2014A unified account of perceptual layering and surface appearance in terms of gamut relativityVladusich, T.; McDonnell, M.
2014Stochastic information transfer from cochlear implant electrodes to auditory nerve fibersGao, X.; Grayden, D.; McDonnell, M.
2014Small modifications to network topology can induce stochastic bistable spiking dynamics in a balanced cortical modelMcDonnell, M.; Ward, L.
2014M-ary suprathreshold stochastic resonance: Generalization and scaling beyond binary threshold nonlinearitiesMcDonnell, M.; Gao, X.
2014Motif-role-fingerprints: the building-blocks of motifs, clustering-coefficients and transitivities in directed networksMcDonnell, M.; Yaveroʇlu, Ö.; Schmerl, B.; Iannella, N.; Ward, L.
2014Ultrasensitive terahertz sensing with high- Q Fano resonances in metasurfacesSingh, R.; Cao, W.; Al-Naib, I.; Cong, L.; Withayachumnankul, W.; Zhang, W.