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2015Probabilistic multi-hypothesis tracker for multiple platform path planningCheung, B.; Davey, S.; Gray, D.
2015Analysis and correction of maritime SAR signatures with the NRL MSARSletten, M.; Hwang, P.; Toporkov, J.; Menk, S.; Rosenberg, L.; Jansen, R.; IEEE International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium (IGARSS 2015) (26 Jul 2015 - 31 Jul 2015 : Milan, ITALY)
2015Observers for invariant systems on Lie groups with biased input measurements and homogeneous outputsKhosravian, A.; Trumpf, J.; Mahony, R.; Lageman, C.
2015Condition monitoring of an induction motor stator windings via global optimization based on the hyperbolic cross pointsDuan, F.; Zivanovic, R.
2015Small-signal stability, control and dynamic performance of power systemsGibbard, M.; Pourbeik, P.; Vowles, D.
2015DTM simulation of peristaltic viscoelastic biofluid flow in asymmetric porous media: a digestive transport modelTripathi, D.; Bég, O.; Gupta, P.; Radhakrishnamacharya, G.; Mazumdar, J.
2015Fast, simple and accurate handwritten digit classification by training shallow neural network classifiers with the 'extreme learning machine' algorithmMcDonnell, M.; Tissera, M.; Vladusich, T.; van Schaik, A.; Tapson, J.
2015Flexible metasurfaces and metamaterials: a review of materials and fabrication processes at micro- and nano-scalesWalia, S.; Shah, C.M.; Gutruf, P.; Nili, H.; Chowdhury, D.R.; Withayachumnankul, W.; Bhaskaran, M.; Sriram, S.
2015On nonlinear vibration analysis of shallow shells - a new approachMazumdar, J.; Banerjee, M.
2015A novel closed-form estimator for 3D TMA using heterogeneous sensorsBadriasl, L.; Sathyan, T.; Arulampalam, S.; Finn, A.