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2007Equity works: Achieving the target of 2% Aboriginal employment in the South Australian Public Sector: final reportBarnett, Kate; Spoehr, John Douglas; Parnis, Eric; McNaughton, Alicen; Monica Redden and Associates
2008Production of fungal biomass protein using microfungi from winery wastewater treatmentZhang, Z.; Jin, B.; Bai, Z.; Wang, X.
2004Adding burrows to enhance a population of the endangered pygmy blue tongue lizard, Tiliqua adelaidensisSouter, N.; Bull, C.; Hutchinson, M.
2005Lessons and challenges: Vocational education in schools - Research overviewBarnett, Kate; Ryan, Robin
2000The need for strategic revegetation planning in Australia's agricultural regionsBryan, Brett Anthony
2005Comparison of artificial neural networks models for predicting insect pest establishmentWatts, Michael John; International Conference on Intelligent Computing (2005 : Hefei, China)
2009Milk fatty acids predict the foraging locations of the New Zealand fur seal: continental shelf versus oceanic watersBaylis, Alastair Martin Mitri; Nichols, Peter D.
2005Postscript: Bayesian statistical inference in psychology comment on Trafimow (2003)Lee, Michael David; Wagenmakers, Eric-Jan
2005Modelling prawn movement and spatial dynamics in the Spencer Gulf and West Coast prawn fisheriesCarrick, N. A.; Ostendorf, Bertram Franz
2000Feature and decision level fusion of radar, optical and topographic data for detecting human settlements in West JavaBryan, Brett Anthony; Karsidi, Asep