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2016The faster things change, the more they stay the same: the influence of cultural norms, customs and traditions on venture capital in ChinaXia, Z.; Lindsay, N.; Seet, P.-.S.; Goodman, S.
2019Cradles of diversity are unlikely relics of regional climate stabilityFordham, D.; Brown, S.; Wigley, T.; Rahbek, C.
2013Disaster restoration projects: a conceptual project management perspectiveBaroudi, B.; Rapp, R.
2016Teleworking in the new milleneumTorten, R.; Reaiche, C.; Caraballo, E.
2016Integrating different understandings of landscape stewardship into the design of agri-environmental schemesRaymond, C.; Reed, M.; Bieling, C.; Robinson, G.; Plieninger, T.
2012Detection of molecular oxygen by magnetic field interaction with guided light within an optical fiberEnglich, F.; Monro, T.; International Conference on Optical Fiber Sensors (22nd : 2012 : Bejing, China)
2013Environment-related resettlement in China: A case study of the Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in Sichuan ProvinceTan, Y.; Zuo, A.; Hugo, G.
2011Influence of particle size and contact angle on the flotation of chalcopyrite in a laboratory batch flotation cellMuganda, S.; Zanin, M.; Grano, S.
2011Using DNA from museum specimens to preserve the integrity of evolutionarily significant unit boundaries in threatened speciesPaplinska, J.; Taggart, D.; Corrigan, T.; Eldridge, M.; Austin, J.
2012Species diversity and genetic differentiation of stygofauna (Syncarida: Bathynellacea) across an alluvial aquifer in north-eastern AustraliaCook, B.; Abrams, K.; Marshall, J.; Perna, C.; Choy, S.; Guzik, M.; Cooper, S.