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2009Business creation processes in Australia : what start-up attempts get up and running, and why? - A preliminary assessmentDavidsson, P.; Steffens, P.R.; Gordon, S.R.; Garonne, C.; Senyard, J.M.; Australian Centre for Entrepreneurship
2009Risky behaviour and social activitiesCebulla, A.; Tomaszewki, W.; Department for Children, Schools and Families
2009Profiling london's rough sleepers: a longitudinal analysis of CHAIN dataCebulla, A.; Rice, B.; Tomaszewski, W.; Hough, J.; Savage, T.; Broadway Homelessness and Support
2009Educational attainment of blind and partially sighted pupilsChanfreau, J.; Cebulla, A.; Royal National Institute of Blind People
2009Three Gorges project: impacts of rural resettlement and urban relocation on the environment in the reservoir areaTan, Y.; Potter, L.
2009Milk fatty acids predict the foraging locations of the New Zealand fur seal: continental shelf versus oceanic watersBaylis, Alastair Martin Mitri; Nichols, Peter D.
2009Multi-wavelength, rapidly swept continuous-wave cavity ringdown spectroscopy, applied to sensing of greenhouse gasesOrr, Brian J.; He, Yabai; Kan, Ruifeng; Englich, Florian Viktor; Liu, Wenqing; Australasian Conference on Optics, Lasers and Spectroscopy (2009 : Adelaide, Australia)
2009Exploring biological constraints on the glacial history of AntarcticaConvey, P.; Stevens, M.; Hodgson, D.; Smellie, J.; Hillenbrand, C.; Barnes, D.; Clarke, A.; Pugh, P.; Linse, K.; Cary, C.
2009Small core optical waveguides are more nonlinear than expected: experimental confirmationAfshar Vahid, S.; Zhang, W.; Ebendorff-Heidepriem, H.; Monro, T.
2009Multi-wavelength sensing of greenhouse gases by rapidly swept continuous-wave cavity ringdown spectroscopyHe, Yabai; Kan, Ruifeng; Englich, Florian Viktor; Liu, Wenqing; Orr, Brian J.; CLEO/IQEC 09 (2009 : Baltimore, Maryland)