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2002Maamingidae, a new family of Proctotrupoidea unique to New ZealandEarly, J.; Masner, L.; Naumann, I.; Austin, A.; International Symposium: "Parastic Hymenoptera: Taxonomy and Biological Control (2001 : Koszeg, Hungary)
2002Families of Australian HymenopteraAustin, A.; Iqbal, M.; Jennings, J.; Stevens, N.
2002InvertebratesAustin, A.; Fisher, R.; Harvey, M.; Hirst, N.; Locket, C.; Madden, F.; Reay, F.; Zeidler, W.
2002Contrasting rates of mitochondrial molecular evolution in parasitic diptera and hymenopteraCastro, L.; Austin, A.; Dowton, M.
2002New species of the Australian endemic wasp genus Notosigalphus van Achterberg and Austin (Hymenoptera : Braconidae) from Flinders Island, TasmaniaIqbal, M.; Austin, A.
2002Mitochondrial gene rearrangements as phylogenetic characters in the invertebrates: the examination of genome 'morphology'Dowton, M.; Castro, L.; Austin, A.
2002Phylogenetic relationships among microgastrine braconid wasp genera based on data from the 16S, COI and 28S genes and morphologyWhitfield, J.; Mardulyn, P.; Austin, A.; Dowton, M.
2002Systematics and distribution of world hyptiogastrine wasps (Hymenoptera : Gasteruptiidae)Jennings, J.; Austin, A.
2002Increased congruence does not necessarily indicate increased phylogenetic accuracy - The behavior of the incongruence length difference test in mixed-model analysesDowton, M.; Austin, A.
2002Simultaneous molecular and morphological analysis of Braconid relationships (Insecta : Hymenoptera : Braconidae) indicates independent mt-tRNA gene inversions within a single wasp familyDowton, M.; Belshaw, R.; Austin, A.; Quicke, D.