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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Managerial ties and firm innovation: is knowledge creation a missing link?Shu, C.; Page, A.; Gao, S.; Jiang, X.
2012Early stage start-ups : evidence from the Comprehensive Australian Study of Entrepreneurial Emergence (CAUSEE)Davidsson, P.; Gordon, S.; Steffens, P.; Industry Policy and Analaysis Branch; Commonwealth of Australia
2012The role of the philanthropic sector in addressing homelessness: Australian and international experiences. Literature reviewTually, S.; Skinner, V.; Slatter, M.; Australian Government National Homelessness Research Agenda
2012External orientation and business model adaptation in young and nascent firms: preliminary analysis from the CAUSEE projectDottore, A.; Australian Centre for Entrepreneurship Research Exchange (2012 : Fremantle, Western Australia)
2012Evaluation of fungicides for the management of Botryosphaeria canker of grapevinesPitt, W.; Sosnowski, M.; Huang, R.; Qiu, Y.; Steel, C.; Savocchia, S.
2012Interactions between energy, greenhouse gas emissions and climate for urban water supplyDandy, Graeme Clyde; Spies, Brian; OzWater (2012 : Sydney)
2012A genome scan and linkage disequilibrium analysis among chromosomal races of the Australian grasshopper Vandiemenella viaticaJackson, B.; Kawakami, T.; Cooper, S.; Galindo, J.; Butlin, R.
2012Absorption and thermal issuesWillems, Phil; Ottaway, David J.; Beyersdorf, P.
2012Food-carbon trade-offs between agriculture and reforestation land uses under alternate market-based policiesPaterson, Stacey Eliza; Bryan, Brett Anthony
2012Housing governanceBeer, A.