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2012Distinct cellular fates for KP1019 and NAMI-A determined by X-ray fluorescence imaging of single cellsAitken, J.; Antony, S.; Weekley, C.; Lai, B.; Spiccia, L.; Harris, H.
2015Distribution and speciation of bromine in mammalian tissue and fluids by X-ray fluorescence imaging and X-ray absorption spectroscopyCeko, M.; Hummitzsch, K.; Hatzirodos, N.; Bonner, W.; James, S.; Kirby, J.; Rodgers, R.; Harris, H.
2003The chemical form of mercury in fishHarris, H.; Pickering, I.; George, G.
2011Uptake, distribution, and speciation of selenoamino acids by human cancer cells: X-ray absorption and fluorescence methodsWeekley, C.; Aitken, J.; Vogt, S.; Finney, L.; Paterson, D.; De Jonge, M.; Howard, D.; Musgrave, I.; Harris, H.
2007X-ray absorption and EPR spectroscopic studies of the biotransformations of chromium(VI) in mammalian cells. Is chromodulin an artifact of isolation methods?Levina, A.; Harris, H.; Lay, P.
2003Tetrathiomolybdate causes formation of hepatic copper-molybdenum clusters in an animal model of Wilson's diseaseGeorge, G.; Pickering, I.; Harris, H.; Gailer, J.; Klein, D.; Lichtmannegger, J.; Summer, K.
2006High-resolution EXAFS of the active site of human sulfite oxidase: Comparison with density functional theory and X-ray crystallographic resultsHarris, H.; George, G.; Rajagopalan, K.
2011Metabolism of selenite in human lung cancer cells: X-ray absorption and fluorescence studiesWeekley, C.; Aitken, J.; Vogt, S.; Finney, L.; Paterson, D.; De Jonge, M.; Howard, D.; Witting, P.; Musgrave, I.; Harris, H.
2012Methylselenocysteine treatment leads to diselenide formation in human cancer cells: evidence from X-ray absorption spectroscopy studiesWeekley, C.; Aitken, J.; Musgrave, I.; Harris, H.
2008Microprobe XRF mapping and XAS investigations of the intracellular metabolism of arsenic for understanding arsenic-induced toxicityMunro, K.; Mariana, A.; Klavins, A.; Foster, A.; Lai, B.; Vogt, S.; Cai, Z.; Harris, H.; Dillon, C.