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2020Bmi deficiency causes oxidative stress and intervertebral disc degeneration which can be alleviated by antioxidant treatmentZhang, Q.; Li, J.; Li, Y.; Che, H.; Chen, Y.; Dong, J.; Xian, C.J.; Miao, D.; Wang, L.; Ren, Y.
2020Accelerated loss of hypoxia response in zebrafish with familial Alzheimer's disease-like mutation of Presenilin 1Newman, M.; Moussavi Nik, S.H.; Sutherland, G.T.; Hin, N.; Kim, W.S.; Halliday, G.M.; Jayadev, S.; Smith, C.; Laird, A.; Lucas, C.; Kittipassorn, T.; Peet, D.J.; Lardelli, M.
2020Confocal volumetric μ-XRF and fluorescence computed μ-tomography reveals arsenic three-dimensional distribution within intact pteris vittata frondsvan der Ent, A.; de Jonge, M.D.; Spiers, K.M.; Brueckner, D.; Montargès-Pelletier, E.; Echevarria, G.; Wan, X.-M.; Lei, M.; Mak, R.; Lovett, J.H.; Harris, H.H.
2020A quantitative binding model for the Apl protein, the dual purpose recombination-directionality factor and lysis-lysogeny regulator of bacteriophage 186Cutts, E.E.; Egan, J.; Dodd, I.B.; Shearwin, K.E.
2020The molecular chaperone β-casein prevents amorphous and fibrillar aggregation of α-lactalbumin by stabilisation of dynamic disorderSanders, H.M.; Jovcevski, B.; Carver, J.; Pukala, T.L.
2020eEF2K enhances expression of PD-L1 by promoting the translation of its mRNAWu, Y.; Xie, J.; Xin, J.; Lenchine, R.V.; Wang, X.; Fang, M.D.; Nassar, Z.D.; Butler, L.; Li, J.; Proud, C.G.
2020Effects of intragastric tryptophan on acute changes in the plasma tryptophan/large neutral amino acids ratio and relationship with subsequent energy intake in lean and obese menHajishafiee, M.; Ullrich, S.S.; Steinert, R.E.; Poppitt, S.D.; Luscombe-Marsh, N.D.; Horowitz, M.; Feinle-Bisset, C.
2021Damage tolerance and toughness of elderly human femoraMartelli, S.; Giorgi, M.; Dall' Ara, E.; Perilli, E.
2021Adaptors as the regulators of HECT ubiquitin ligasesShah, S.S.; Kumar, S.
2021The loopometer: a quantitative in vivo assay for DNA-looping proteinsHao, N.; Sullivan, A.E.; Shearwin, K.E.; Dodd, I.B.