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2018Ancient plant DNA in the genomic eraEstrada, O.; Breen, J.; Richards, S.; Cooper, A.
2016Clinical and molecular analyses of Beckwith–Wiedemann syndrome: comparison between spontaneous conception and assisted reproduction techniquesTenorio, J.; Romanelli, V.; Martin-Trujillo, A.; Fernández, G.; Segovia, M.; Perandones, C.; Pérez Jurado, L.; Esteller, M.; Fraga, M.; Arias, P.; Gordo, G.; Dapía, I.; Mena, R.; Palomares, M.; Pérez de Nanclares, G.; Nevado, J.; García-Miñaur, S.; Santos-Simarro, F.; Martinez-Glez, V.; Vallespín, E.; et al.
2016Complete mitochondrial genome of the European Grapevine moth (EGVM) Lobesia botrana (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae)Piper, M.; van Helden, M.; Court, L.; Tay, W.
2015A meta-analysis of gene expression signatures of blood pressure and hypertensionHuan, T.; Esko, T.; Peters, M.; Pilling, L.; Schramm, K.; Schurmann, C.; Chen, B.; Liu, C.; Joehanes, R.; Johnson, A.; Yao, C.; Ying, S.; Courchesne, P.; Milani, L.; Raghavachari, N.; Wang, R.; Liu, P.; Reinmaa, E.; Dehghan, A.; Hofman, A.; et al.
1997Ancient missense mutations in a new member of the RoRet gene family are likely to cause Familial Mediterranean FeverAksentijevich, I.; Centola, M.; Deng, Z.; Sood, R.; Balow, J.; Wood, G.; Zaks, N.; Mansfield, E.; Chen, X.; Eisenberg, S.; Vedula, A.; Shafran, N.; Raben, N.; Pras, E.; Pras, M.; Kastner, D.; Blake, T.; Baxevanis, A.; Robbins, C.; Krizman, D.; et al.
2017Efficient chromosomal-scale DNA looping in Escherichia coli using multiple DNA-looping elementsHao, N.; Sneppen, K.; Shearwin, K.; Dodd, I.
2014Discovery of a novel long terminal repeat (LTR2i-SS) in Sus ScrofaLim, S.; Kortschak, R.; Adelson, D.
1998Gene localisation for an autosomal dominant familial periodic fever to 12p13.Mulley, J.; Saar, K.; Hewitt, G.; Rueschendorf, F.; Phillips, H.; Colley, A.; Sillence, D.; Reis, A.; Wilson, M.
1997Gene structure and subcellular localisation of FMR2, a member of a new family of putative transcription activatorsGecz, J.; Bielby, S.; Sutherland, G.; Mulley, J.
1998Characterisation and screening for mutations of the growth arrest-specific 11 (GAS11) and C16orf3 genes at 16q24.3 in breast cancerWhitmore, S.; Settasatian, C.; Crawford, J.; Lower, K.; McCallum, B.; Seshadri, R.; Cornelisse, C.; Moerland, E.; Cleton-Jansen, A.; Tipping, A.; Mathew, C.; Savnio, M.; Savoia, A.; Verlander, P.; Auerbach, A.; Van Berkel, C.; Pronk, J.; Doggett, N.; Callen, D.