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2008Sexual dimorphism in the hoverfly motion vision pathwayNordstrom, K.; Barnett, P.; Moyer, I.; Brinkworth, R.; O'Carroll, D.
2002The effects of common input characteristics and discharge rate on synchronization in rat hypoglossal motoneuronesTurker, Kemal Sitki; Powers, R. K.
2001Effects of common excitatory and inhibitory inputs on motoneuron synchronizationTurker, Kemal Sitki; Powers, R. K.
2007"Asylum seekers", "boat people" and "illegal immigrants": Social categorisation in the mediaO'Doherty, K.; Le Couteur, A.
2008Impaired neuromuscular function during isometric, shortening, and lengthening contractions after exercise-induced damage to elbow flexor musclesTurner, T.; Tucker, K.; Rogasch, N.; Semmler, J.
2009Priming theta-burst repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation with low- and high-frequency stimulationTodd, G.; Flavel, S.; Ridding, M.
2008The role of stretch-activated channels in atrial fibrillation and the impact of intracellular acidosisNinio, D.; Saint, D.
2009Ethanol-Mediated Fetal Dysmorphology and its Relationship to the Ontogeny of Maternal Liver MetallothioneinCoyle, P.; Martin, S.; Carey, L.; Summers, B.; Rofe, A.
2008Analysis of carboxyl tail function in the skeletal muscle Cl⁻ channel hClC-1Ma, L.; Rychkov, G.; Hughes, B.; Bretag, A.
2004Combining deterministic and Monte-Carlo methods in the simulation of X-ray attenuation and scatterKyriakou, Yiannis; Deak, Paul; Riedel, Thomas; von Smekal, Lorenz Johann Maria; Kalender, Willi A.; Radiological Society of North America Scientific Assembly and Annual Meeting (90th : 2004 : Chicago, Ill.)