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2011G protein-coupled receptor heteromer identification technology: identification and profiling of GPCR heteromersMustafa, S.; Pfleger, K.
2011The sphingosine-1-phosphate receptor-1 antagonist, W146, causes early and short-lasting peripheral blood lymphopenia in miceTarrason, G.; Auli, M.; Mustafa, S.; Dolgachev, V.; Domenech, M.; Prats, N.; Dominguez, M.; Lopez, R.; Aguilar, N.; Calbert, M.; Pont, M.; Milligan, G.; Kunkel, S.; Godessart, N.
2011The predominant role of IP₃ type 1 receptors in activation of store-operated Ca²⁺ entry in liver cellsJones, L.; Ma, L.; Castro, J.; Litjens, T.; Barritt, G.; Rychkov, G.
2011Metabolic responses to high-fat diets rich in n-3 or n-6 long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids in mice selected for either high body weight or leanness explain different health outcomesNurernberg, K.; Breier, B.; Jayasinghe, S.; Bergmann, H.; Thompson, N.; Nuernberg, G.; Dannenberger, D.; Schneider, F.; Renne, U.; Langhammer, M.; Huber, K.
2011Early-life experience decreases drug-induced reinstatement of morphine CPP in adulthood via microglial-specific epigenetic programming of anti-inflammatory IL-10 expressionSchwarz, J.; Hutchinson, M.; Bilbo, S.
2011A simplified model of screening questionnaire and home monitoring for obstructive sleep apnoea in primary careChai-Coetzer, C.; Antic, N.; Rowland, L.; Catcheside, P.; Esterman, A.; Reed, R.; Williams, H.; Dunn, S.; McEvoy, R.
2011Transcutaneous measurement of carbon dioxide tension during extended monitoring: Evaluation of accuracy and stability, and an algorithm for correcting calibration driftBerlowitz, D.; Spong, J.; O'Donoghue, F.; Pierce, R.; Brown, D.; Campbell, D.; Catcheside, P.; Gordon, I.; Rochford, P.
2011Discrimination of features in natural scenes by a dragonfly neuronWiederman, S.; O'Carroll, D.
2011Movement of hCIC-1 C-termini during common gating and limits on their cytoplasmic locationMa, L.; Rychkov, G.; Bykova, E.; Zheng, J.; Bretag, A.
2011Mechanisms of fetal toxicity to alcohol with special consideration to fetal zinc deficiencyCoyle, P.; Pearce, B.; Cowley, C.; Rofe, A.