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1998Permeation and Block of the Skeletal Muscle Chloride Channel, CIC-1, by Foreign AnionsRychkov, Grigori; Pusch, M.; Roberts, Michael Lawrence; Jentsch, T. J.; Bretag, Allan Hugo
2000Development of the pulmonary surfactant system in two oviparous vertebratesJohnston, Sonya D.; Orgeig, Sandra; Lopatko, Olga Vlagislavovna; Daniels, Christopher Brian
2002Circulating leptin concentrations are positively related to leptin messenger RNA expression in the adipose tissue of fetal sheep in the pregnant ewe fed at or below maintenance energy requirements during late gestationYuen, Bernard Sin Jee; Owens, Phillip Clyde; McFarlane, Jim R.; Symonds, M. E.; Edwards, Lisa Jane; Kauter, Kate G.; McMillen, Isabella Caroline
2000Corticotropin-releasing hormone type I receptor messenger ribonucleic acid and protein levels in the ovine fetal pituitary: ontogeny and effect of chronic cortisol administrationGreen, J. L.; Figueroa, J. P.; Massmann, G. A.; Schwartz, Jeffrey; Rose, James C.
1996Increased arterial desaturation in trained cyclists during maximal exercise at 580m altitudeGore, Christopher J.; Hahn, Allan G.; Scroop, Garry Campbell; Watson, D. B.; Norton, K. I.; Wood, R. J.; Campbell, D. P.; Emonson, D. L.
1995Evidence for hypothalamic control of the diurnal rhythms in prolactin and melatonin in the fetal sheep during late gestationHoughton, Daniel Charles; Young, Ian Ross; McMillen, Isabella Caroline
1997Training-induced increases in sea level VO2max and endurance are not enhanced by acute hypobaric exposureEmonson, D. L.; Aminuddin, A. H. K.; Wight, R. L.; Scroop, Garry Campbell; Gore, Christopher J.
1998Alterations in the surface properties of lung surfactant in the torpid marsupial Sminthopsis crassicaudataLopatko, Olga Vlagislavovna; Orgeig, Sandra; Daniels, Christopher Brian; Palmer, David
2002Spatially precise bilateral arm movements are controlled by the contralateral hemisphere - Evidence from a lateralized visual stimulus paradigmGarry, M. I.; Franks, I. M.
1996Adrenocorticotropin secretion by fetal sheep anterior and intermediate lobe pituitary cells in vitro: effects of gestation and adrenalectomyFora, M. A.; Butler, Timothy G.; Rose, James C.; Schwartz, Jeffrey