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1995Response of prolactin to different photoperiods after surgical disconnection of the hypothalamus and pituitary in the sheep fetusHoughton, Daniel Charles; Young, Ian Ross; McMillen, Isabella Caroline
1995Melatonin and the development of circadian and seasonal rhythmicityMcMillen, Isabella Caroline; Houghton, Daniel Charles; Young, Ian Ross
1995Functional significance and control of release of pulmonary surfactant in the lizard lungWood, Philip G.; Daniels, Christopher Brian; Orgeig, Sandra
1995The evolutionary significance of pulmonary surfactants in lungfish (Dipnoi)Orgeig, Sandra; Daniels, Christopher Brian
1995The effect of temperature and hypoxia/hypercapnia on the respiratory pattern of the unrestrained lizard, Pogona vitticepsCrafter, S.; Soldini, M.; Daniels, Christopher Brian; Smits, Allan W.
1995Hyperexcitability in CA1 of the rat hippocampal slice following hypoxia or adenosineDoolette, David J.; Kerr, David Ian Beviss
1995Effect of hyperpnea on the cholesterol to disaturated phospholipid ratio in alveolar surfactant of ratsOrgeig, Sandra; Barr, Heather A.; Nicholas, Terence E.
1995Evidence for hypothalamic control of the diurnal rhythms in prolactin and melatonin in the fetal sheep during late gestationHoughton, Daniel Charles; Young, Ian Ross; McMillen, Isabella Caroline
1995Impact of gestational age on the catecholamine responses of the fetal sheep adrenal to cholinergic stimulation in vitroButler, Timothy G.; Simonetta, Giuseppe; Roberts, Michael Lawrence; McMillen, Isabella Caroline
1995The shape of the membrane potential trajectory in tonically-active human motoneuronesTurker, Kemal Sitki