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1995Reflex control of human jaw muscles by the mechanoreceptors in the periodontiumBrodin, Pal; Turker, Kemal Sitki
1995Different types of ganglion cell in the cardiac plexus of guinea-pigsEdwards, F. R.; Hirst, G. D. S.; Klemm, Megan F.; Steele, Penelope A.
1995Impact of gestational age on the catecholamine responses of the fetal sheep adrenal to cholinergic stimulation in vitroButler, Timothy G.; Simonetta, Giuseppe; Roberts, Michael Lawrence; McMillen, Isabella Caroline
1995The effect of temperature and hypoxia/hypercapnia on the respiratory pattern of the unrestrained lizard, Pogona vitticepsCrafter, S.; Soldini, M.; Daniels, Christopher Brian; Smits, Allan W.
1995Effect of gestational age and cortisol on the in vitro output of ACTH precursors and ACTH 1-39 from the anterior pituitary of the fetal sheepMcMillen, Isabella Caroline; Merei, J. J.; White, Andy; Crosby, S.; Schwartz, Jeffrey
1995The shape of the membrane potential trajectory in tonically-active human motoneuronesTurker, Kemal Sitki
1995Pulmonary surfactant lipids in the faveolar and saccular lung regions of the snakesDaniels, Christopher Brian; Smits, Allan W.; Orgeig, Sandra
1995Pulmonary-type surfactant and the evolution of air-breathingDaniels, Christopher Brian; Orgeig, Sandra; Smits, Allan W.
1995The evolution of the surfactant system in the ReptiliaDaniels, Christopher Brian; Orgeig, Sandra; Smits, Allan W.
1995Hyperexcitability in CA1 of the rat hippocampal slice following hypoxia or adenosineDoolette, David J.; Kerr, David Ian Beviss