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1996The influence of temperature, phylogeny and lung structure on the composition of reptilian pulmonary surfactantDaniels, Christopher Brian; Orgeig, Sandra; Smits, Allan W.; Miller, J. D.
1996Correlated changes in the firing rate of human motor units during voluntary contractionTurker, Kemal Sitki; Schmied, A.; Cheng, H. B.
1996The effect of torpor on the pulmonary surfactant system, lung compliance, and ventilatory pattern in the marsupial Sminthopsis crassicaudataOrgeig, Sandra; Daniels, Christopher Brian; Langman, C.; Lopatko, Olga Vlagislavovna
1996The evolution of the surface activity of pulmonary surfactant in air-breathing vertebratesLopatko, Olga Vlagislavovna; Orgeig, Sandra; Daniels, Christopher Brian
1996Factors affecting opening and filling pressures in the lungs of the lizard Pogona vitticepsWood, Philip G.; Daniels, Christopher Brian
1996Evolution and healing: The new science of Darwinian medicine by R.M. Nesse and G.C. WilliamsDaniels, Christopher Brian
1996Concentration and pH dependence of skeletal muscle chloride channel CIC-1Rychkov, Grigori; Pusch, M.; Astill, David St. John; Roberts, Michael Lawrence; Jentsch, T. J.; Bretag, Allan Hugo
1996Increased arterial desaturation in trained cyclists during maximal exercise at 580m altitudeGore, Christopher J.; Hahn, Allan G.; Scroop, Garry Campbell; Watson, D. B.; Norton, K. I.; Wood, R. J.; Campbell, D. P.; Emonson, D. L.
1996Adrenocorticotropin secretion by fetal sheep anterior and intermediate lobe pituitary cells in vitro: effects of gestation and adrenalectomyFora, M. A.; Butler, Timothy G.; Rose, James C.; Schwartz, Jeffrey
1996The changing state of surfactant lipids: New views from old animalsDaniels, Christopher Brian; Orgeig, Sandra; Wood, Philip G.; Smits, Allan W.; Lopatko, Olga Vlagislavovna; Sullivan, Lucy C.