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1997Control of motor units in human flexor digitorum profundus in different hand posturesGarland, S.; Miles, T.
1997Headaches and neck pain in farmersScutter, Sheila Doreen; Turker, Kemal Sitki; Hall, Robert
1997Accuracy of two pulse oximeters during maximal cycling exerciseWood, R. J.; Gore, Christopher J.; Hahn, Allan G.; Norton, K. I.; Scroop, Garry Campbell; Campbell, D. P.; Watson, D. B.; Emonson, D. L.
1997Conditions for excitatory and inhibitory masseteric reflexes elicited by tooth pressure in manTurker, Kemal Sitki; Yang, J.; Brodin, Pal
1997Tendon tap induces a single long lasting excitatory reflex in the motoneurons of human soleus muscleTurker, Kemal Sitki; Yang, J.; Scutter, Sheila Doreen
1997Training-induced increases in sea level VO2max and endurance are not enhanced by acute hypobaric exposureEmonson, D. L.; Aminuddin, A. H. K.; Wight, R. L.; Scroop, Garry Campbell; Gore, Christopher J.
1997Catecholamines, enkephalins and the response of the fetal adrenal to hypoxaemiaMcMillen, Isabella Caroline; Simonetta, Giuseppe; Roberts, Michael Lawrence; Adams, Michael Brenton
1997Photoperiodic history and hypothalamic control of prolactin secretion before birthHoughton, Daniel Charles; Young, Ian Ross; McMillen, Isabella Caroline
1997Surfactant regulates pulmonary fluid balance in reptilesOrgeig, Sandra; Smits, Allan W.; Daniels, Christopher Brian; Herman, J. K.
1997Hepatic prolactin receptor gene expression increases in the sheep fetus before birth and after cortisol infusionPhillips, Ian D.; Anthony, Russell V.; Butler, Timothy G.; Ross, Jacob T.; McMillen, Isabella Caroline