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2001No difference in net uptake or disposal of lactate by trained and untrained forearms during incremental sodium lactate infusionBuckley, J.; Scroop, G.; Catcheside, P.
2000Sustained isocapnic hypoxia supresses the perception of the magnitude of inspiratory resistive loadsOrr, R.; Jordan, A.; Catcheside, P.; Saunders, N.; McEvoy, R.
2002Genioglossus muscle activity at rest and in response to brief hypoxia in healthy men and womenJordan, A.; Catcheside, P.; O'Donoghue, F.; Saunders, N.; McEvoy, R.
2009Marked reduction in obstructive sleep apnea severity in slow wave sleepRatnavadivel, R.; Chau, N.; Stadler, D.; Yeo, A.; McEvoy, R.; Catcheside, P.
2008Effects of hypoxia on genioglossus and scalene reflex responses to brief pulses of negative upper-airway pressure during wakefulness and sleep in healthy menEckert, D.; McEvoy, R.; George, K.; Thompson, K.; Catcheside, P.
2007The effects of hypoxia on load compensation during sustained incremental resistive loading in patients with obstructive sleep apneaHlavac, M.; Catcheside, P.; Adams, A.; Eckert, D.; McEvoy, R.
2000Ventilatory decline after hypoxia and hypercapnia is not different between healthy young men and womenJordan, A.; Catcheside, P.; Orr, R.; O'Donoghue, F.; Saunders, N.; McEvoy, R.
2002Long-term facilitation of ventilation is not present during wakefulness in healthy men or womenJordan, A.; Catcheside, P.; O'Donoghue, F.; McEvoy, R.
2002Noninvasive cardiovascular markers of acoustically induced arousal from non-rapid-eye-movement sleepCatcheside, P.; Orr, R.; Chiong, S.; Mercer, J.; Saunders, N.; McEvoy, R.
2009Abdominal compression increases upper airway collapsibility during sleep in obese male obstructive sleep apnea patientsStadler, D.; McEvoy, R.; Sprecher, K.; Thomson, K.; Ryan, M.; Thompson, C.; Catcheside, P.