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2002Maternal undernutrition throughout pregnancy increases adrenocorticotrophin receptor and steroidogenic acute regulatory protein gene expression in the adrenal gland of twin fetal sheep during late gestationEdwards, Lisa Jane; Bryce, A. E.; Coulter, Catherine Louise; McMillen, Isabella Caroline
2002A diet containing α-cellulose and fish oil reduces aberrant crypt foci formation and modulates other possible markers for colon cancer risk in azoxymethane-treated ratsColeman, L. J.; Landstrom, E. K.; Royle, Peter J.; Bird, Anthony R.; McIntosh, Graeme H.
2002Impact of maternal undernutrition during the periconceptional period, fetal number, and fetal sex on the development of the hypothalamo-pituitary adrenal axis in sheep during late gestationEdwards, Lisa Jane; McMillen, Isabella Caroline
2002Circulating leptin concentrations are positively related to leptin messenger RNA expression in the adipose tissue of fetal sheep in the pregnant ewe fed at or below maintenance energy requirements during late gestationYuen, Bernard Sin Jee; Owens, Phillip Clyde; McFarlane, Jim R.; Symonds, M. E.; Edwards, Lisa Jane; Kauter, Kate G.; McMillen, Isabella Caroline
2002Spatially precise bilateral arm movements are controlled by the contralateral hemisphere - Evidence from a lateralized visual stimulus paradigmGarry, M. I.; Franks, I. M.
2002Periconceptional nutrition programs development of the cardiovascular system in the fetal sheepEdwards, Lisa Jane; McMillen, Isabella Caroline
2002The effects of common input characteristics and discharge rate on synchronization in rat hypoglossal motoneuronesTurker, Kemal Sitki; Powers, R. K.
2002Differential effects of the early and late intrauterine environment on corticotrophic cell developmentButler, Timothy Garth; Schwartz, Jeffrey; McMillen, Isabella Caroline
2002Polyunsaturated dietary fats change the properties of calcium sparks in adult rat atrial myocytesHonen, B.; Saint, D.
2002Characteristics of shoulder-position sense: Effects of mode of movement, scapular support, and arm orientationJanwantanakul, P.; Jones, M.; Magarey, M.; Miles, T.