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2018A novel Zeonex based oligoporous-core photonic crystal fiber for polarization preserving terahertz applicationsIslam, M.; Sultana, J.; Dinovitser, A.; Ng, B.; Abbott, D.
2018A robust snap-on button solution for reconfigurable wearable textile antennasChen, S.; Ranasinghe, D.; Fumeaux, C.
2018A frequency- and pattern-reconfigurable two-element array antennaZainarry, S.; Nguyen-Trong, N.; Fumeaux, C.
2018Functional observer based controller for stabilizing Takagi-Sugeno fuzzy systems with time-delaysIslam, S.; Lim, C.; Shi, P.
2018Embedded stator end-windings in soft magnetic composite and laminated surface PM machinesLim, Y.; Soong, W.; Ertugrul, N.; Kahourzade, S.; IEEE Annual Energy Conversion Congress and Exposition (ECCE) (23 Sep 2018 - 27 Sep 2018 : Portland, Oregon)
2018Dielectric-resonator metasurfaces for broadband terahertz quarter- and half-wave mirrorsLee, W.; Ako, R.; Xian Low, M.; Bhaskaran, M.; Sriram, S.; Fumeaux, C.; Withayachumnankul, W.
2018Quantized control of Markov jump nonlinear systems based on fuzzy hidden Markov modelDong, S.; Wu, Z.; Shi, P.; Su, H.; Huang, T.
2018Dissipativity-based asynchronous control of discrete-time Markov jump systems with mixed time delaysZhang, M.; Shi, P.; Liu, Z.; Cai, J.; Su, H.
2018Pinning impulsive synchronization for stochastic reaction-diffusion dynamical networks with delayChen, H.; Shi, P.; Lim, C.
2018Robust exponential stability of uncertain stochastic systems with probabilistic time-varying delaysHu, Z.; Deng, F.; Shi, P.; Luo, S.; Xing, M.
2018A digital neuromorphic realization of pair-based and triplet-based spike-timing-dependent synaptic plasticityNouri, M.; Jalilian, M.; Hayati, M.; Abbott, D.
2018Can photoplethysmography replace arterial blood pressure in the assessment of blood pressure?Martinez, G.; Howard, N.; Abbott, D.; Lim, K.; Ward, R.; Elgendi, M.
2018A new approach to characterize successive packet losses in stochastic networked systemsHu, Z.; Deng, F.; Shi, P.; Lim, C.
2018Terahertz multi-beam antenna using photonic crystal waveguide and Luneburg lensHeadland, D.; Withayachumnankul, W.; Yamada, R.; Fujita, M.; Nagatsuma, T.
2018A six-strut suspended core fiber for cylindrical vector mode generation and propagationJi, H.; Ruan, Y.; Ebendorff-Heidepriem, H.; Vahid, S.; Monro, T.
2018Functional observer-based fuzzy controller design for continuous nonlinear systemsIslam, S.; Lim, C.; Shi, P.
2018A novel approach for spectroscopic chemical identification using photonic crystal fiber in the terahertz regimeIslam, M.S.; Sultana, J.; Ahmed, K.; Islam, M.R.; Dinovitser, A.; Ng, B.W.-.H.; Abbott, D.
2018Highly efficient graphite antennas for conformal applicationsChen, S.; Fumeaux, C.; 3rd Australian Microwave Symposium (AMS 2018) (06 Feb 2018 - 07 Feb 2018 : Brisbane, AUSTRALIA)
2018Evaluating performance of RAT selection algorithms for 5G HetnetsNguyen, D.; Nguyen, H.; White, L.
2018Containment control of linear multiagent systems with aperiodic sampling and measurement size reductionZhang, D.; Shi, P.; Yu, L.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Issue Date in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 2992