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2017Catalytically active and chemically inert CdIn2S4 coating on a CdS photoanode for efficient and stable water splittingSong, J.; Yin, P.; Mao, J.; Qiao, S.; Du, X.
2017Search for low-lying lattice QCD eigenstates in the Roper regimeKiratidis, A.; Kamleh, W.; Leinweber, D.; Liu, Z.; Stokes, F.; Thomas, A.
2017Engineering of surface chemistry for enhanced sensitivity in nanoporous interferometric sensing platformsLaw, C.; Sylvia, G.; Nemati, M.; Yu, J.; Losic, D.; Abell, A.; Santos, A.
2017Tuning chemistry and topography of nanoengineered surfaces to manipulate immune response for bone regeneration applicationsChen, Z.; Bachhuka, A.; Han, S.; Wei, F.; Lu, S.; Visalakshan, R.; Vasilev, K.; Xiao, Y.
2017Ultrafast colorimetric humidity-sensitive polyelectrolyte coating for touchless controlYu, L.; Xu, H.; Monro, T.; Lancaster, D.; Xie, Y.; Zeng, H.; Chen, G.; Liu, X.
2017Molecular insight into assembly mechanisms of porous aromatic frameworksTarzia, A.; Thornton, A.; Doonan, C.; Huang, D.
2017Calibration of the Advanced LIGO detectors for the discovery of the binary black-hole merger GW150914Abbott, B.; Abbott, R.; Abbott, T.; Abernathy, M.; Ackley, K.; Adams, C.; Addesso, P.; Adhikari, R.; Adya, V.; Affeldt, C.; Aggarwal, N.; Aguiar, O.; Ain, A.; Ajith, P.; Allen, B.; Altin, P.; Amariutei, D.; Anderson, S.; Anderson, W.; Arai, K.; et al.
2017Search for photons with energies above 10¹⁸ eV using the hybrid detector of the Pierre Auger ObservatoryAab, A.; Abreu, P.; Aglietta, M.; Al Samarai, I.; Albuquerque, I.; Allekotte, I.; Almela, A.; Alvarez Castillo, J.; Alvarez-Muñiz, J.; Anastasi, G.; Anchordoqui, L.; Andrada, B.; Andringa, S.; Aramo, C.; Arqueros, F.; Arsene, N.; Asorey, H.; Assis, P.; Aublin, J.; Avila, G.; et al.
2017The GCT camera for the Cherenkov Telescope ArrayLapington, J.; Abchiche, A.; Allan, D.; Amans, J.; Armstrong, T.; Balzer, A.; Berge, D.; Boisson, C.; Bousquet, J.; Bose, R.; Brown, A.; Bryan, M.; Buchholtz, G.; Buckley, J.; Chadwick, P.; Costantini, H.; Cotter, G.; Daniel, M.; De Franco, A.; De Frondat, F.; et al.
2017Effects of waveform model systematics on the interpretation of GW150914Abbott, B.; Abbott, R.; Abbott, T.; Abernathy, M.; Acernese, F.; Ackley, K.; Adams, C.; Adams, T.; Addesso, P.; Adhikari, R.; Adya, V.; Affeldt, C.; Agathos, M.; Agatsuma, K.; Aggarwal, N.; Aguiar, O.; Aiello, L.; Ain, A.; Ajith, P.; Allen, B.; et al.
2017First demonstration of electrostatic damping of parametric instability at Advanced LIGOBlair, C.; Gras, S.; Abbott, R.; Aston, S.; Betzwieser, J.; Blair, D.; Derosa, R.; Evans, M.; Frolov, V.; Fritschel, P.; Grote, H.; Hardwick, T.; Liu, J.; Lormand, M.; Miller, J.; Mullavey, A.; O'Reilly, B.; Zhao, C.; Abbott, B.; Abbott, T.; et al.
2017Nanotopography mediated osteogenic differentiation of human dental pulp derived stem cellsBachhuka, A.; Delalat, B.; Ghaemi, S.; Gronthos, S.; Voelcker, N.; Vasilev, K.
2017Nanotopography-based strategy for the precise manipulation of osteoimmunomodulation in bone regenerationChen, Z.; Bachhuka, A.; Wei, F.; Wang, X.; Liu, G.; Vasilev, K.; Xiao, Y.
2017Atmospheric multiple scattering of a vertically directed laser beamMalacari, M.; Dawson, B.
2017Caspofungin on ARGET-ATRP grafted PHEMA polymers: enhancement and selectivity of prevention of attachment of Candida albicansMichl, T.; Giles, C.; Mocny, P.; Futrega, K.; Doran, M.; Klok, H.; Griesser, H.; Coad, B.
2017Tumor cell uptake and selectivity of gadolinium(III)-phosphonium complexes: the role of delocalisation at the phosphonium centreBusse, M.; Windsor, M.; Tefay, A.; Kardashinsky, M.; Fenton, J.; Morrison, D.; Harris, H.; Rendina, L.
2017A rationally designed reversible 'turn-off' sensor for glutathioneHeng, S.; Zhang, X.; Pei, J.; Abell, A.
2017Host-guest chemistry of linked β- and γ-cyclodextrin dimers and 1- and 2-naphthyl-sulfonamide substituted poly(acrylate)s in aqueous solutionMcTernan, H.; Ngo, H.; Pham, D.-.T.; Clements, P.; Lincoln, S.; Wang, J.; Guo, X.; Easton, C.
2017A global fit of the MSSM with GAMBITAthron, P.; Balázs, C.; Bringmann, T.; Buckley, A.; Chrząszcz, M.; Conrad, J.; Cornell, J.; Dal, L.; Edsjö, J.; Farmer, B.; Jackson, P.; Krislock, A.; Kvellestad, A.; Mahmoudi, F.; Martinez, G.; Putze, A.; Raklev, A.; Rogan, C.; Saavedra, A.; Savage, C.; et al.
2017Tetranuclear Polypyridylruthenium(II) complexes as inhibitors and down-regulators of Phosphatase enzymesSundaraneedi, M.; Ammit, A.; Tedla, B.; Pearson, M.; Loukas, A.; Keene, F.; Collins, J.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Issue Date in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 1540