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2018A gender aware approach to legal and policy strategies for achieving access to modern energy services in sub-Saharah AfricaGardam, J.
2018The Crown: essays on its manifestations, power and accountabilityHinton, M.; Williams, J.M.
2018Achieving access to modern energy services: a study of legal strategiesBradbrook, A.
2018The regulation of internships: A comparative studyStewart, A.; Owens, R.; Hewitt, A.; Nikoloudakis, I.; International Labour Organisation
2018Legal perspectives on a human rights-based approach to energy access in the PhilippinesSolis, M.
2018A treatise for energy lawBradbrook, A.; Heffron, R.; Ronne, A.; Tomain, J.; Talus, K.
2018Law, religion and love : seeking ecumenical justice for the otherBabie, P.; Savic, V.-.I.
2018The wages crisis in Australia: what it is and what to do about itStewart, A.; Stanford, J.; Hardy, T.
2018A critical commentary on the 2017 ALRC elder abuse report: looking for an ethical baseline for lawyersCastles, M.
2018A great exploitation: the true legacy of property-a review essayBabie, P.
2018‘Squizzy’ and the Cuckold : How Majority Jury Verdicts Got their Australian Foothold”Taylor, G.
2017Fostering "quiet inclusion": Interaction and diversity in the Australian law classroomIsrael, M.; Skead, N.; Heath, M.; Hewitt, A.; Galloway, K.; Steel, A.
2017Earthbound law: the force of an Indigenous Australian institutionMuecke, S.
2017The Provoking Operation of Provocation: Stage 1Plater, D.; Line, L.; Fitz-Gibbon, K.; SA Government
2017Crime victims' self-medication: Findings from a study in South Australiade Lint, W.; Marmo, M.; Groves, A.; Pocrnic, A.
2017Early-career experts essential for planetary sustainabilityLim, M.; Lynch, A.; Fernandez-Llamazares, A.; Balint, L.; Basher, Z.; Chan, I.; Jaureguiberry, P.; Mohamed, A.; Mwampamba, T.; Palomo, I.; Pliscoff, P.; Salimov, R.; Samakov, A.; Selomane, O.; Shrestha, U.; Sidorovich, A.
2017The malleable character of brokerage and crime control: a study of policing, security and network entrepreneurialism on Melbourne’s waterfrontBrewer, R.
2017Condominium arrangements as a legal mechanism for the conservation of the South China Sea Large Marine EcosystemLim, M.; Liu, N.
2017Climate change is eco-slavery: a climate future of Australian property lawBabie, P.
2017Academic resistance: Landscape of hope and despairHeath, M.; Burdon, P.