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2017Crime victims' self-medication: Findings from a study in South Australiade Lint, W.; Marmo, M.; Groves, A.; Pocrnic, A.
2017The malleable character of brokerage and crime control: a study of policing, security and network entrepreneurialism on Melbourne’s waterfrontBrewer, R.
2014Commercial Arctic shipping through the Northeast Passage: routes, resources, governance, technology, and infrastructureBuixadé Farré, A.; Stephenson, S.; Chen, L.; Czub, M.; Dai, Y.; Demchev, D.; Efimov, Y.; Graczyk, P.; Grythe, H.; Keil, K.; Kivekäs, N.; Kumar, N.; Liu, N.; Matelenok, I.; Myksvoll, M.; O'Leary, D.; Olsen, J.; Pavithran A P, S.; Petersen, E.; Raspotnik, A.; et al.
2010Military involvement in law enforcementStephens, D.
2014Adrian Bradbrook and residential tenancy reformMoore, A.
2018Achieving access to modern energy services: a study of legal strategiesBradbrook, A.
2018The regulation of internships: A comparative studyStewart, A.; Owens, R.; Hewitt, A.; Nikoloudakis, I.; International Labour Organisation
2010Proposed mandatory filtering for Internet Service Providers (ISPs) - a brief insight into how filtering the Refused Content List may affect Australian ISPsLangos, C.
2009Nicholas Aroney, Scott Prasser and John Nethercote (eds), Restraining Elective Dictatorship: The Upper House Solution? (University of Western Australia Press, 2008)Taylor, G.
2008Upper House reform in Germany : the commission for the modernization of the Federal SystemTaylor, G.