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2019Local linearity, coherent structures, and scale-to-scale coupling in turbulent flowFang, L.; Balasuriya, S.; Ouellette, N.
2019Automated algorithm selection: survey and perspectivesKerschke, P.; Hoos, H.; Neumann, F.; Trautmann, H.
2019Information flow reveals prediction limits in online social activityBagrow, J.; Liu, X.; Mitchell, L.
2019Predicting the risk of biological invasions using environmental similarity and transport network connectednessCope, R.; Ross, J.; Wittmann, T.; Watts, M.; Cassey, P.
2019Crystallographic bulk-edge correspondence: glide reflections and twisted mod 2 indicesGomi, K.; Thiang, G.
2019Crystallographic T-dualityGomi, K.; Thiang, G.C.
2019A Rayleigh-Ritz method for Navier-Stokes flow through curved ductsHarding, B.
2019Analysing emergent users' text messages data and exploring its benefitsBilal, A.; Rextin, A.; Kakakhel, A.; Nasim, M.
2019Invariant prolongation of the Killing tensor equationGover, A.; Leistner, T.
2019The parametric h-principle for minimal surfaces in Rⁿ and null curves in CⁿForstneric, F.; Larusson, F.
2019Incorporating intraspecific variation into dental microwear texture analysisArman, S.; Prowse, T.; Couzens, A.; Ungar, P.; Prideaux, G.
2019Importance sampling for partially observed temporal epidemic modelsBlack, A.
2019Low detectability of alien reptiles can lead to biosecurity management failure: a case study from Christmas Island (Australia)Garcia-Diaz, P.; Ross, J.; Vall-llosera, M.; Cassey, P.
2019Chaotic holomorphic automorphisms of Stein manifolds with the volume density propertyArosio, L.; Larusson, F.
2019Modeling u8niaxial nonuniform cell proliferationLai De Oliveira, A.; Binder, B.
2018The Oka principle for holomorphic Legendrian curves in C²ⁿ⁺¹Forstnerič, F.; Lárusson, F.
2018Generalized Lagrangian coherent structuresBalasuriya, S.; Ouellette, N.; Rypina, I.
2018Estimating stable and unstable sets and their role as transport barriers in stochastic flowsBalasuriya, S.; Gottwald, G.
2018Geodesy and metrology with a transportable optical clockGrotti, J.; Koller, S.; Vogt, S.; Häfner, S.; Sterr, U.; Lisdat, C.; Denker, H.; Voigt, C.; Timmen, L.; Rolland, A.; Baynes, F.; Margolis, H.; Zampaolo, M.; Thoumany, P.; Pizzocaro, M.; Rauf, B.; Bregolin, F.; Tampellini, A.; Barbieri, P.; Zucco, M.; et al.
2018An equivariant parametric Oka principle for bundles of homogeneous spacesKutzschebauch, F.; Lárusson, F.; Schwarz, G.