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201110 lessons from 10 years of measuring and modeling the internet's autonomous systemsRoughan, M.; Willinger, W.; Maennel, O.; Perouli, D.; Bush, R.
2015Absence of localisation in ocean wave interactions with a rough seabed in intermediate water depthBennetts, L.; Peter, M.; Chung, H.
2014Absolute flux optimising curves of flows on a surfaceBalasuriya, S.; Froyland, G.; Santitissadeekorn, N.
2015Absolute neighbourhood retracts and spaces of holomorphic maps from stein manifolds to oka manifoldsLárusson, F.
2010Absolute-convective instability of mixed forced-free convection boundary layersMureithi, E.; Denier, J.
2011Absorbing lexicographic products in metaroutingParsonage, E.; Nguyen, H.; Roughan, M.; 1st International Workshop on Rigorous Protocol Engineering (17 Oct 2011 - 17 Oct 2011 : Vancouver, Canada)
2008Abstract Cauchy problem in spaces of stochastic distributionsMelnikova, I.V.; Filinkov, A.
2009Abstract stochastic problems with generators of regularized semigroupsMelnikova, I.V.; Filinkov, A.
2014Accounting for model error due to unresolved scales within ensemble Kalman filteringMitchell, L.; Carrassi, A.
2018Accuracy of duplex stainless steel feature generated by electrical discharge machining (EDM)Alshemary, A.; Pramanik, A.; Basak, A.; Littlefair, G.
2016Accuracy of patch dynamics with mesoscale temporal coupling for efficient massively parallel simulationsBunder, J.; Roberts, A.; Kevrekidis, I.
2006An accurate and comprehensive model of thin fluid flows with inertia on curved substratesRoberts, A.; Li, Z.
2014Accurate control of hyperbolic trajectories in any dimensionBalasuriya, S.; Padberg-Gehle, K.
2011Accurate methods for computing inviscid and viscous Kelvin-Helmholtz instabilityChen, M.J.; Forbes, L.K.
2006Accurately model the Kuramoto-Sivashinsky dynamics with holistic discretizationMacKenzie, T.; Roberts, A.
2004Active Measurement for Multiple Link Failures Diagnosis in IP NetworksNguyen, H.; Thiran, P.; International Workshop on Passive and Active Measurements (5th : 2004 : Antibes-Juan les Pins, France)
2013Acyclic embeddings of open Riemann surfaces into new examples of elliptic manifoldsRitter, T.
2017Adams operations on classical compact lie groupsFok, C.
2007Adaptive Varying-Coefficient Linear Models for Stochastic Processes: Asymptotic TheoryLu, Z.; Tjostheim, D.; Yao, Q.
2013Adaptively combined forecasting for discrete response time seriesZhang, Xinyu; Lu, Zudi; Zou, Guohua