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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021A two-dimensional asymptotic model for capillary collapseStokes, Y.M.
2021The future of sensitivity analysis: an essential discipline for systems modeling and policy supportRazavi, S.; Jakeman, A.; Saltelli, A.; Prieur, C.; Iooss, B.; Borgonovo, E.; Plischke, E.; Lo Piano, S.; Iwanaga, T.; Becker, W.; Tarantola, S.; Guillaume, J.H.A.; Jakeman, J.; Gupta, H.; Melillo, N.; Rabitti, G.; Chabridon, V.; Duan, Q.; Sun, X.; Smith, S.; et al.
2020Exotic twisted equivariant K-theoryHan, F.; Varghese, M.
2020The Riemann-Roch theorem on higher dimensional complex noncommutative toriVarghese, M.; Rosenberg, J.
2021A floe size dependent scattering model in two- and three-dimensions for wave attenuation by ice floesMeylan, M.H.; Horvat, C.; Bitz, C.M.; Bennetts, L.G.
2020Water wave transmission and energy dissipation by a floating plate in the presence of overwashNelli, F.; Bennetts, L.G.; Skene, D.M.; Toffoli, A.
2020Uncertainties in Lagrangian predictionBalasuriya, S.
2020Geometry and conservation laws for a class of second-order parabolic equations I: geometryMcMillan, B.B.
2020Positive scalar curvature via end-periodic manifoldsHallam, M.; Mathai, V.
2020Ancient genome-wide DNA from France highlights the complexity of interactions between Mesolithic hunter-gatherers and Neolithic farmersRivollat, M.; Jeong, C.; Schiffels, S.; Küçükkalıpçı, İ.; Pemonge, M.-H.; Rohrlach, A.B.; Alt, K.W.; Binder, D.; Friederich, S.; Ghesquière, E.; Gronenborn, D.; Laporte, L.; Lefranc, P.; Meller, H.; Réveillas, H.; Rosenstock, E.; Rottier, S.; Scarre, C.; Soler, L.; Wahl, J.; et al.