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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016New initiatives in critical care: distinguishing hype from hopeMoran, J.; Solomon, P.
2007Statistics in review; Part 2: Generalised linear models time-to-event and time-series analysis evidence synthesis and clinical trialsMoran, J.; Solomon, P.
2007The importance of calculating absolute rather than relative fracture riskTucker, G.; Metcalfe, A.; Pearce, C.; Need, A.; Dick, I.; Prince, R.; Nordin, B.
2010Calculation of disease dynamics in a population of householdsRoss, J.; House, T.; Keeling, M.
2015Alignment of time course gene expression data and the classification of developmentally driven genes with hidden Markov modelsRobinson, S.; Glonek, G.; Koch, I.; Thomas, M.; Davies, C.
2015Climate change sentiment on Twitter: an unsolicited public opinion pollCody, E.; Reagan, A.; Mitchell, L.; Dodds, P.; Danforth, C.; Lehmann, S.
2016Game story space of professional sports: Australian rules footballKiley, D.; Reagan, A.; Mitchell, L.; Danforth, C.; Dodds, P.
2018Characterising seasonal influenza epidemiology using primary care surveillance dataCope, R.; Ross, J.; Chilver, M.; Stocks, N.; Mitchell, L.
2018Scabies in residential care homes: modelling, inference and interventions for well-connected population sub-unitsKinyanjui, T.; Middleton, J.; Güttel, S.; Cassell, J.; Ross, J.; House, T.
2021Ten millennia of hepatitis B virus evolutionKocher, A.; Papac, L.; Barquera, R.; Key, F.M.; Spyrou, M.A.; Hübler, R.; Rohrlach, A.B.; Aron, F.; Stahl, R.; Wissgott, A.; van Bömmel, F.; Pfefferkorn, M.; Mittnik, A.; Villalba-Mouco, V.; Neumann, G.U.; Rivollat, M.; van de Loosdrecht, M.S.; Majander, K.; Tukhbatova, R.I.; Musralina, L.; et al.