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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012A review of statistical estimators for risk-adjusted length of stay: analysis of the Australian and New Zealand intensive care adult patient data-base, 2008-2009Moran, J.; Solomon, P.
2016Integrative analysis of the physical transport network into AustraliaCope, R.; Ross, J.; Wittmann, T.; Prowse, T.; Cassey, P.; Kriticos, D.
2012Stochastic formulation of ecological models and their applicationsBlack, A.; McKane, A.
2012Mortality and intensive care volume in ventilated patients from 1995 to 2009 in the Australian and New Zealand binational adult patient intensive care databaseMoran, J.; Solomon, P.
2010Global quantitative indices reflecting provider process-of-care: data-base derivationMoran, J.; Solomon, P.
2010Fitness epistasis and constraints on adaptation in a human immunodeficiency virus Type 1 protein regionDa Silva, J.; Coetzer, M.; Nedellec, R.; Pastore, C.; Mosier, D.
2018Understanding interactions between populations: individual based modelling and quantification using pair correlation functionsDini, S.; Binder, B.; Green, J.
2015Reply to Garcia et al.: common mistakes in measuring frequency-dependent word characteristicsDodds, P.S.; Clark, E.M.; Desu, S.; Frank, M.R.; Reagan, A.J.; Williams, J.R.; Mitchell, L.; Harris, K.D.; Kloumann, I.M.; Bagrow, J.P.; Megerdoomian, K.; McMahon, M.T.; Tivnan, B.F.; Danforth, C.M.
2019Information flow reveals prediction limits in online social activityBagrow, J.; Liu, X.; Mitchell, L.
2013The geography of happiness: connecting twitter sentiment and expression, demographics, and objective characteristics of placeMitchell, L.; Frank, M.; Harris, K.; Dodds, P.; Danforth, C.; Sánchez, A.