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2023Fundamental insights into the effect of blending hydrogen flames with sooting biofuelsYin, Y.; Medwell, P.R.; Gee, A.J.; Foo, K.K.; Dally, B.B.
2023Characterisation of ethylene flames under a range of low-oxygen concentrationsShaw, I.J.; Evans, M.J.; Chin, R.; Medwell, P.R.
2023Two-phase anaerobic digestion in leach bed reactors coupled to anaerobic filters: A review and the potential of biochar filtersCollins, B.; Birzer, C.; Harris, P.; Kidd, S.; McCabe, B.; Medwell, P.
2023Characterisation of hydrogen jet flames under different pressures with varying coflow oxygen concentrationsKildare, J.A.C.; Evans, M.J.; Proud, D.B.; Chin, R.; Tian, Z.; Medwell, P.R.
2023A novel NbC/CrMnFeCoN₀.₈ high entropy alloy matrix composites with ultrastrength and ductility: Experiments and density function theoryHuang, S.; Wu, H.; Chen, Y.; Zhao, Z.; Liu, X.; Deng, Y.; Zhu, H.
2023Coupling a biochar filter to a leach bed reactor for anaerobic digestion of chicken litterCollins, B.A.; Birzer, C.H.; Kidd, S.P.; Hall, T.; Medwell, P.R.
2022Effects of the bluff-body diameter on the flow-field characteristics of non-premixed turbulent highly-sooting flamesRowhani, A.; Sun, Z.W.; Medwell, P.R.; Alwahabi, Z.T.; Nathan, G.J.; Dally, B.B.
2022Sensitivity analysis of orifice length of micro-cavity array for the purpose of turbulence attenuationSeverino, G.F.; Silvestri, A.; Cazzolato, B.S.; Arjomandi, M.
2022Investigation of the influence of miniature vortex generators on the large-scale motions of a turbulent boundary layerChan, C.I.; Chin, R.C.
2022A conceptual framework for evaluating cooking systemsBond, T.C.; L'Orange, C.; Medwell, P.R.; Sizoomu, G.; Abdelnour, S.; Brinkmann, V.; Lloyd, P.; Pemberton-Pigott, C.
2022Energy-Saving Potential of Thermal Diode Tank Assisted Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning SystemsWang, M.; Hu, E.; Chen, L.
2022The Effect of Axial Compression and Distraction on Cervical Facet Cartilage Apposition During Shear and Bending MotionsQuarrington, R.D.; Thompson-Bagshaw, D.W.; Jones, C.F.
2022Deformation-Induced Phase Transformations in Gold Nanoribbons with the 4H PhaseKismarahardja, A.; Wang, Z.; Li, D.; Wang, L.; Fu, L.; Chen, Y.; Fan, Z.; Chen, Y.; Han, X.; Zhang, H.; Liao, X.
2022Outer turbulent boundary layer similarities for different 2D surface roughnesses at matched Reynolds numberAbdelaziz, M.; Djenidi, L.; Ghayesh, M.H.; Chin, R.
2022Effect of leading-edge curvature on the aerodynamics of insect wingsBhat, S.S.; Thompson, M.C.
2022Effective elastic properties of a weakly nonlinear particulate compositeVidler, J.; Kotousov, A.; Ng, C.T.
2022Phase formation prediction of high-entropy alloys: a deep learning studyZhu, W.; Huo, W.; Wang, S.; Wang, X.; Ren, K.; Tan, S.; Fang, F.; Xie, Z.; Jiang, J.
2022The effect of instantaneous particle distributions on the gas-phase temperature in an unsteady particle-laden jet heated with high-flux radiationLewis, E.W.; Lau, T.C.W.; Sun, Z.; Alwahabi, Z.T.; Nathan, G.J.
2022Decomposition of the Reynolds shear stress in a turbulent boundary layer modified by miniature vortex generatorsChan, C.I.; Chin, R.C.
2022In-situ imaging of particle size distribution in an industrial-scale calcination reactor using micro-focusing particle shadowgraphyHan, S.; Sun, Z.; de Jacobi du Vallon, C.; Collins, T.; Boot-Handford, M.; Sceats, M.G.; Tian, Z.F.; Nathan, G.J.