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2015Speedup techniques for molecular dynamics simulations of the interaction of acoustic waves and nanomaterialsBennett, H.; Zander, A.; Cazzolato, B.; Huang, D.; Weber, T.; McPhee, M.; Anderssen, R.; 21st International Congress on Modelling and Simulation (MODSIM 2015) held jointly with the 23rd National Conference of the Australian-Society-for-Operations-Research / DSTO led Defence Operations Research Symposium (DORS) (29 Nov 2015 - 4 Dec 2015 : Gold Coast, AUSTRALIA)
2012Frequency shifting listening deviceCheng, N.; Wong, W.; Cazzolato, B.; Prime, Z.; Hewett, K.; Burgemeister, K.; Annual Conference of the Australian Acoustical Society (2012 : Fremantle, Western Australia)
2010PICARSO - Programmable interface controller with autonomous robotic spraying operationHooi, I.; Oosterholt, S.; Paschburg, S.; Phan, J.; Yeoh, N.; Cazzolato, B.; ACRA 2010
2001Tuneable inertial shakers for active controlLi, X.; Cordioli, J.; Cazzolato, B.; Qiu, X.; Hansen, C.
2001Active structural-acoustic control of a rocket fairing using proof-mass actuatorsGriffin, S.; Lane, S.; Hansen, C.; Cazzolato, B.
2010New experimental strain measurement technique utilising a 3D scanning laser vibrometerCazzolato, B.; Wildy, S.; Weisbecker, H.; Kotooussov, A.; Codrington, J.; Australasian Congress on Applied Mechanics (6th : 2010 : Perth, Western Australia)
2003Applying phase conjugate arrays to sonarBrind, R.; Prior, M.; Cazzolato, B.; Nelson, P.; Joseph, P.
2001Numerical simulation of fast deconvolution in a shallow water environmentCazzolato, B.; Nelson, P.; Joseph, P.; Brind, R.
2010Inverse control of a piezoelectric actuator for precise operation of a micro-motion stageMinase, J.; Lu, T.; Cazzolato, B.; Grainger, S.; ACRA 2010
2003Active control of enclosed sound fields using three-axis energy density sensors: rigid walled enclosuresCazzolato, B.; Hansen, C.