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2019A new correlation between soot sheet width and soot volume fraction in turbulent non-premixed jet flamesMahmoud, S.; Lau, T.; Nathan, G.; Medwell, P.; Alwahabi, Z.; Dally, B.
2016Improvement of precision and accuracy of temperature imaging in sooting flames using two-line atomic fluorescence (TLAF)Gu, D.; Sun, Z.; Nathan, G.; Medwell, P.; Alwahabi, Z.; Dally, B.
2017Characteristics of turbulent n-heptane jet flames in a hot and diluted coflowYe, J.; Medwell, P.; Evans, M.; Dally, B.
2016Flow-induced vibration of an elastically mounted airfoil under the influence of the wake of a circular cylinderDerakhshandeh, J.; Arjomandi, M.; Dally, B.; Cazzolato, B.
2002Structure of turbulent non-premixed jet flames in a diluted hot coflowDally, B.; Karpetis, A.; Barlow, R.
2009Importance of initial momentum rate and air-fuel premixing on moderate or intense low oxygen dilution (MILD) combustion in a recuperative furnaceMi, J.; Li, P.; Dally, B.; Craig, R.
2011Flame response to acoustic excitation in a rectangular rocket combustor with LOx/Hâ‚‚ propellantsHardi, J.; Oschwald, M.; Dally, B.
2011Premixed moderate or intense low-oxygen dilution (MILD) combustion from a single jet burner in a laboratory-scale furnaceLi, P.; Mi, J.; Dally, B.; Craig, R.; Wang, F.
2009Development of temperature imaging using two-line atomic fluorescenceMedwell, P.; Chan, Q.; Kalt, P.; Alwahabi, Z.; Dally, B.; Nathan, G.
2003Two-photon laser-induced fluorescence measurement of CO in turbulent non-premixed bluff body flamesDally, B.; Masri, A.; Barlow, R.; Fiechtner, G.